It's good fishing weather

about 70 degrees. cloudy and slight drizzle right now. there is a creek on the back property, maybe I could grab a pole, throw on some rain gear and go fishing.

i’m not sure if I have to have a fishing license to fish on the creek though, because I would be on our property. mom says if it’s a pond you can fish it without a license but probably not the creek. we’re unsure. I don’t fish very much. only gone once in the 5 years we’ve been here.

bought a license last year to be safe. it was like $14 or something.

im still a little undecided on fishing. It could be looked at as cruel and for me is unnecessary but I have no problem with fishermen personally, just a little sensitive to how I could be perceived. I eat a lot of fish, so why not fish?


I have a family member who really likes to fish, and I used to go all the time when I was little. I’d get a license just to be safe. There is nothing wrong with fishing, though, unless you fish and don’t throw them back but also don’t eat them. I feel the same about hunting- if you use the meat, there is nothing wrong with it if you follow the law.


I don’t mind fishing as long as it’s for food.
That means if you’re planning to eat the fish or give it to someone who’s gonna eat them.

THe only time I view fishing negatively is when people do it just for sports and/or throw them back after having damaged them.

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well I decided not to. I never learned how to clean a fish growing up. so am going to wait till one of my friends wants to go fishing and can maybe learn from them.

haven’t caught a fish since I was 10 years old. now 34. probably been fishing about 5-10 times since then. I caught it at this big lake in Wisconsin on summer vacation. a family friend who was with us, cleaned it and put on a beer batter to cook it.

it’s funny, when I was young I didn’t think about my food choices. I just ate how I was raised. then in my 20s I became vegan for about 6 years. my vegan spell still messes with me now that I’ve gone back to eating meat. I feel like I’ve lost a little morality since going back to meat. I felt like I was completely without sin when I was a vegan including what I ate. now it’s different, in a way it’s good because I no longer feel superior, but do at times feel shame over my food choices. I try not to think about it, but this reminds me.

My son Logan loves to fish. I’m getting my license next month so we can go fishing. Here in Oklahoma if have pond and it’s not stock by wildlife department you don’t need a license.

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You would hate me then. Catch and release is very important for conservation. If you ate everything you caught and didnt release the monsters or small fish then the population would diminish quickly.

I do release small fish and game fish that don’t meet size limit.

I LOVE fishing!! One of my favorite things to do! Here there is no fishing allowed from mid March to mid May while the ice melts and spawning begins. Our licenses for the year are approx $20. There are limits on amount of fish and size of fish. I hope I can go this year.


One time I went fishing in Oklahoma without a license, and I got caught. I got a $57 fine. ouch. That was over thirty-five years ago. I’m sure the fine has increased since then. This time of year the crappie, sand bass, and stripers are running in Oklahoma. One time my brother and I got into a school of stripers, and we caught about twenty good sized stripers.

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Here they take all your equipment and give about $200 fine. If you are fishing from a boat they will confiscate it for a week or more.

In Oklahoma the license is $25 and okc city permit is $20 these are annual license and permit

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just saw a DNR cruiser today coming back from my shot (department of natural resources?). it looked just like a police cruiser but had DNR on it.

will probably buy a license before I fish.


I thought DNR meant do not resuscitate. Boy, am I out of it lolol

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