Im kind of a dick these days

to normies…

i used to try to be so nice to normies, but they would take advantage of my niceness

to quote half baked “They mistaked my niceness for weakness”

so now I just DGAF and am kind of a douche

like to the kid at barnes and noble that rung me up he asked me all this mundane questions as he was ringing me up I was just like “uh-huh” and “yeah…” in that tone

are you too nice or kind of a dick

i think its hard for a SZ to find a middle ground in niceness. it’s our eternal flaw.

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I definitely fall in the “too nice” category. I’m working on setting boundaries so people don’t take advantage of me. I used to think boundaries were mean, but now I realize they’re vital to any healthy relationship. A lot of my family members resent me for setting boundaries, but it helps in the long run.


I use to be way too kind (mum called me angel til i was 14 lol) but like you said in this society it’s merely an entrance for people to take advantage of you even family subconsciously so now i’m just as blunt and brutally honest as i feel to be depending on the individual. As a whole i look down on people massively but there’s always exceptions and i still (delusionally) stay optimistic and open to finding more exceptions :smiley:

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I can relate…I used to be my mommys little angel at 12…at 15 i was putting shells in the guage on the shelve

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I think my empathy levels are stupidly high and i feel the pain of anyone i see/hear/feel suffering BUT no one i meet shows the same level of caring and just abuse it so i’ve decided that i’ll be that righteous fury unbending in my will and determined to make things just.
I would kill every human on earth without hesitation but i can’t watch anyone suffering without feeling awful :smiley: the ultimate contradiction :stuck_out_tongue:

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So damn true :smiley: let people walk all over you until you snap and then you’re demonized for over reacting :smiley:

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okay guys try not to get this thread closed too

@MrSquirrel dont close this please

happy birthday btw

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Did i mention i have a tough time walking away from any argument even when i know it’s pointless :stuck_out_tongue:


[Tapping foot.]


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I know i know sometimes peace is better then being right :frowning:

Happy birthday @MrSquirrel!

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At least flame each other using the PM system.



i know your name aint lisa but still first thing that came to mind :smiley:

Happy birthday! Sorry your day sucked. Mine, too.

Im kinda a jerk all the time its one of my only redemable qualities …ya know what the crux is?

I just dont care anymore…if you don’t like me then. …

i apologyze for that rant …i am a natural jerk but at the same time I really appreciate being part of your community.

I think it is hard for everyone to find that, not just sz’s. Some times I find myself feeling guilty when I’m a dick about something and I see someone else do something nice. Usually I will humor people until something comes along that I feel strongly about. I don’t sweat the small stuff, but there are hazards to that kind of attitude. If you let little stuff go people are more likely to take advantage of you on substantive issues. Sometimes you have to walk a tight rope.

Join the club! I get the F!@k It’s sometimes too. After a while you just don’t give a hoot! When you got one big pile of pooh its kind of easy to be that way at times. Like for instance when I’m nice to people they tend too, underestimate me they don’t know what I know or the who’s about me.

Have a good one!

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I drink your milkshake.

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