I'm just going to post anywhere now

i think i said something when it popped up but i can’t remember

Thanks @Rhubot,

I’m on and off lately…

But I never expected to feel this bad at this site.

I wish you didn’t feel that way. If you’re feeling that way because you feel exceptionally slow at understanding, you shouldn’t. Here’s a 100+ post thread of people being confused about it:

Just post where ever you feel comfortable, and let the chips fall where they lay.

I’m Sz but realize this site has been incredibly helpful to others with different DX’s.


Oh, but if you post on the Sz/a forum and you’re not diagnosed Sz or Sza??


@Rhubot I didn’t check that thread, as I can’t check all threads. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Patrick Ok I’ll try to take it easy, thank you

@firemonkey just a big thankyou!

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you kidding me Anna !! you into this?

its called segragation what they are talking about doing.

maybe next theyll ask for my religious beliefs.

What exactly is wrong with having a specific Category for Sz/a’s only?

This site is called schizophrenia.com after all…not “I’m feeling moody.com

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now i understand what you are saying

maybe degrees of it kinda lika game

Moderators don’t have a NUN SLAP button. It would be a lot more fun if we did.

(Wearing moderator habit)


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i use to be part of a site that had whats called a shark tank which was for only the hardcore people.

i was being a smartass pixel.

I’m never a smartass.

Honest!! :wink:

I don’t think I’m helping anyone with these topics, I think I need to learn how to post more responsibly

I’m not into separating…I’m indifferent. If schizophrenics want to have their own board on here I don’t see that it’s a huge deal.

Just curious… Do you go into Italian restaurants and order Chinese food? They both have a kitchen in common, right?

Well it’s just a thought.
Who knows what words people search and come to this site