I'm just going to post anywhere now

i must have missed that

I think so too, if this place wants to remain sz-related.

Yes! Looks like it. :smile:

it will always be sz related

There should be a category for ninjas… just sayin :slight_smile:


Seems like i’m the one who’s misunderstanding all this. When I saw the “other” section I thought it’s for ppl with bi-polar or depression.
But if it’s for those with other diagnosis AND psychosis then this site sticks to sz.

i just wanted a general area for everyone sz or not idk, i keep changing my mind, its pretty ■■■■■■ up tbh

Dx’d -other :

A Support and Discussion area for people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia / schizo-affective, or something other than schizophrenia or schizo-Affective, or who think they might have a related disorder or symptoms, or who suffer from hearing voices). This is a general discussion forum.

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We need the “general” category then.
But that leads to more ppl without any diagnosis at all.
So we might simply need the “DX’d sz/sza/other” category.

So we might simply need the “DX’d sz/sza/other” category.

That what the dx’d -other category is. It’s for sz/a and other.

Anyway, I’m outta this thread!

It’s difficult to know that it’s a general category with a look.

If it’s ok for sz/sza to post there, why there is the “sz/sza” category?

Oh Goawd. Here’s the rules:

People with sz/a CAN post in sz/a and ‘other’.
People without sz/a can’t post in sz/a

its too confusing, i can’t figure it out

I think It’s just confusing.


If you go 'Kookoo BananaSpoons" when you’re off of your meds, then feel free to post where ever you like…be you Sz, Sza, BP, KFC, HIV, NFL…

This is how I feel at this point.


To put it more accurately those without a past or present dx of sz/a aren’t supposed to post there.

Yes that’s right. Sorry. It’s late…

Whooooosh. <— the sound of me actually leaving the thread this time.

It is confusing. The reasoning is that this is a schizophrenia board that has become used by and useful to people with conditions closely related to sz/a as well - basically anyone who has experienced psychosis.

Which is great - I’m in the same boat as @Anna, I have psychotic depression and can’t find another community that addresses that problem like this one does.

But some people with sz/a began to feel crowded out of their own community, and needed a safe space, a place where they could talk about their issues without the discussion being overrun by other issues.

So this was the solution - two forums, one that operates much as we’re used to the forums operating, and a new one for the times when people with sz/a really just need to talk with other people in the same boat and not everyone who thinks they understand but maybe doesn’t.

No one has to use the new board. But it’s there, in case it’s needed.


I felt so dumb.
Why do I have to feel like this here?
Why does it make things so confusing and difficult to understand?
If this site is for only those who can understand all the rules with ease, then this site is not for me.

Don’t feel that way! It is confusing, and no one has understood the rules with ease. There has been a lot of confusion and upset over the changes as we all get used to them.

I’m just sharing some of the backstory because I know that you, and lots of other members too, drop in and out periodically and so can’t possibly be expected to know all of this.

The short version is just that there are a few members with sz/a who don’t feel comfortable posting where people who don’t have sz/a can reply. In order to help sz/a people - the core membership of the site - without abandoning the other people who have come to rely on this place for support, this was the best solution they could come up with.

If it makes you feel any better, @everhopeful and I (and plenty of other people) spent the first couple of days after the change squawking “EXPLAIN PLEASE” like a flock of agitated chickens :chicken::smile_cat:

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