I'm just curious because I'm trying to understand

What turns you on the most in another person?

What plays the strongest quality in attraction for you?

And if you say confidence, can you elaborate?

Thanks :smiley:

You mean sexually?
Lately, almost nothing lol.
But historically, I was much more attracted to physically delicate women who also seemed to need help in some way.

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Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. Who isn’t trying to be anybody else or put on a front. Someone real.

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If I don’t think about it too much, I’m attracted to people who normalise weirdness.

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And sexually if I don’t think about it too much, those who are really sensitive to my sexual needs. And considerate and communicative sexually.

Lots of foreplay. Like lots I mean.

That’s one of my sexual requirements. Lol.

This is fun

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I won’t say more cos I feel this is getting awkward :flushed:

OK I got to add this one.

I like it when my partner tells me about all of his, her attractions to people.

I think that’s so cool. And attractive.

The main reason I made this thread is if there’s something in common that all men or at least many men, share about an important factor in attraction to women

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I’m attracted to confidence and good eyebrows.

I’d post a photo of my husband but he probably wouldn’t like that.

Anyway, he has amazing eyebrows that thankfully passed to our son.

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Yea good eyebrows can be quite influential on looks sometimes.

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My husband and son’s eyebrows are similar to Jack Nicholson’s.


I love them

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I love eyes nose and lips on a woman’s face…nice legs , nice ass…boobs don’t really matter to me…I like dirty girls.

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Just a connection cuz it’s rare for me to have


An amazing body with an amazing voice and face

Or an amazing heart

What is an amazing heart anyway??


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Good bpm, good blood pressure , and a few other factors maybe :wink:

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I am a legs and ass man…always will be that way.

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You already have a thread on turn ons. Merging.

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