What attracts you?

What attracts you in a person romantically ?

For me being a man, I love the following things in a women

a. Heart of the woman - Compassion and Kindness, Soft-hearted
b. Intelligence

Other things dont really matter.

What attracts you irrespective of your sex in the opposite sex?


I despise romance.


He has to be narcissistic, sadist and manipulative. He has to have a mental structure of a predator. Also to have some kind of symbolic powerty.

Hah I’m just kidding. You didn’t think I’m that sick, right?


It sounds like you need a Mr Grey. Maybe BDSM is your thing.

Nah, I tried that. Too fake, too lame.
( but tnx for suggestion)

Hmm. She’d have to be just the opposite of me. Emotional, outgoing, cultural… all the things that I don’t get along with. :frowning: Otherwise, somewhat like me, which I also would not get along with; which is why I will probably never meet that someone.

It wasn’t a suggestion. It’s just what you described.
“narcissistic, sadist and manipulative” and complementary parts of that = bdsm

Man, you are mistaking a personality type with what appears to be a set of erotic practices.
I don’t want to talk about this anymore.


I didn’t mean it that way. Sorry to have offended you

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Integrity, intelligence, good taste, ambition, beards, broad shoulders, cleanliness.


This is my dream man. I have lowered my standards though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He actually is smart too so…

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  1. Voice
  2. Aestheticism - especially eyes & hair.

Personalities are a mixed bag, to me. I can genuinely appreciate any personality or any style of interests, but it’s my primal self that I can’t do away with - that primal self that needs instinctual desires to be taken care of first and foremost and then opens up to more complex interactions.

Just be advised, I can clock anabolic usage when I see it. I mean, if you want a guy that has a history of steroid or PH (pro hormone) use I have nothing negative to say, just that this guy you are desiring is definitely on anabolics.

the face… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use to be on a supplement that I believe had something to do with my sz. They took it off the market, because it had one chemical off from meth. I loved working out on that ■■■■. But now if I took it the hallucinations would make me go to a hospital.

A good sense of humor and an intellect on par with mine so I didn’t feel dumb all the time or like I had to explain things all the time.

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You shaved!

That’s not me!!! I wish it was though.

Sure…what ever you say!

Excuse me… I’m calling you late for dinner.