I'm in love with myself

Good or bad thing???


It depends.

Not talking about the diapers.

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its a good thing


Yup. If you can be happy alone and enjoy yourself. I use to love myself, now I just annoy myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my alone times. Well, because there’s always a ■■■■■■■ voice there anyway. But I know those really arnt people so…

It’s good if its constant. You are a lovely bird.

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self love is imperative for survival. :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:


something i could improve. I think it’s a good thing :strawberry: you look beautiful.

Depends, start to head into narcissism and it’s not healthy. Or so they tell me, anyway.

It could be either. If you love yourself to the exclusion of all other love interests, that’s bad. If your love for yourself makes you take advantage of others, that’s bad. I do think we should have an attitude of wholesome nurturing towards ourselves. I once heard this woman say that the key to living for her was learning to love herself no matter what. That’s good as long as you don’t do the two negative things I just mentioned.


It’s only a good thing. Loving yourself never implied hating on others.

The others will grow envious and angry if you love yourself Too much