Do you love yourself?

  • yes
  • no

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… I don’t. I tolerate myself.


Despite my skittamarinky legs and big banana feet…I’m actually quite good looking in my own rakishly handsome way. :wink:


Should read “loving myself is important because nobody else will love me until I love myself”

Here is some invisible internet love for you ~~~~~~~~~~~


lol dude, you know you can get flagged for that. I really don’t mind those types of jokes, but not everyone here likes them. :laughing:

by the way, welcome back. I haven’t seen your posts in a while.

how does that work?

examples would be nice, but okay…

lol I didn’t particularly mean looks, silly nilly

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Pretty much like it sounds.

I’m single, so loving myself is important because nobody else will. I love myself through the poetry I write.

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I do like myself some days but doubt myself all the time about everything.
I have doubt 24/7 about everything. When I say something, I analyze it afterwards and think if I did something wrong.
I feel like I just can not be myself and have fun - especially because now I am 28. I think I need to behave more like a lady and keep my opinions to myself.

Then if I can not keep a job - I got fire twice - it ruined my confidence too. I am still thinking what happened at work and what I did and said and just dealing with the humility. My mind is like a constant war.

I do not feel I am good enough most of the time. Moral of the story.

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I like myself although there are plenty of things that I wish I did better.

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yeah in public, that’s important. but you don’t have to bottle up things all the time. sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right friend or community. you have a sister, don’t you?

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yeah I agree - but this is kinda a part of my illness I think. Sometimes I just become best friends with a stranger for no reason :smiley: in real life.

My sister lives an ocean away. We only talk on the phone

I’m fat, ugly, lame, and apparently stupid according to my voices and I agree with most of it.

I remember my Dad gave me the ‘Animal House Movie’ speech years ago when I was drinking too much…


how are your meds, by the way?

Last year was a disaster - but just a month ago I started injections.

No. I am very disappointed with myself. Also scared every time I go by a mirror that I’ll see a face that’s not the one I’m used to seeing.

My relationship with myself is kind of ambivalent. I am mortified at some of my behaviors that I am powerless to control. There are parts of myself I do hate, but there are also good things about myself that I can give myself credit for.


I’m delighted in certain aspects of myself but in general I find myself to be merely satisfactory.

I can’t say yes or no, but it’s the only place I’ve got to live in, so, more than love it, is the respect I have for it.

No idea at the moment been dealing with my narcissism of late in therapy. Also confronting my negativity rather than getting swamped by depression. Think it still needs to looked and worked on at a healthy level rather than a narcissistic level.