Loving yourself

Every once in a while I have a breakthrough and I feel better. That happened today. I realized that it is all right to love yourself. In fact this is a necessity to feel good. Without self-love you feel alienated from the world and you get depressed and maybe suicidal. We each and every one of us have self-love which is good and should be fostered. We usually think about love for another, but we also need to think of love of self. Every single person should feel special. I don’t want to lose that.
I know many of you are actively suffering but maybe you will have a breakthrough too.


Many many years ago
I find it is essential to love myself :neutral_face::neutral_face:
I begin to listen to love songs to myself
Afterthat i felt shame from all my past actions
My brain like attacked by attacks of shame and headache and something like that
Afterthat i got my today illness

I sometimes get suicidal thoughts and feel like I’m just a burden to those around me, but because I’ve agreed to text a friend and certain family members when I feel that way, I always know I am loved.
I have no doubt a lot of people would miss me if I disappeared, and that keeps me going.
I have many people I love as well, and I wouldn’t want to leave them behind.

I used to have a lot of very intense anger and rage toward certain family members and my ex. Even murderous rage. I couldn’t bring myself to murder anyone so I turned the rage inward. Hence, very intense suicidal feelings for years. That all ended when I resolved my issues with the people I was mad at and turned to Gd.

I’m violent in thought. It was all suppressed until now, so it’s a breakthrough to know of it. Now, I can tame myself if I will.

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