I'm in an interesting situation

I use the app tinder to meet guys and like…two messaged me within days of each other and i’ve been talking to both since then. most that come up on the app are like, either really bad at conversation or just not compatible but i REALLY like both of these guys. i have never had experience with polyamory, but one of them was totally open to the idea of me being with both of them and the other gave a solid maybe, so im hoping if i can make him like me some more he would be more into it :wink: have you ever been in any unconventional romantic situations?


This is a weird question but are you a guy or a girl?

So… Threesome??

i am a guy :smile:


I’m polyamorous. I have a husband and a boyfriend. It works really well for me. I don’t think I’m cut out for a standard monogamous relationship. I feel trapped pretty easily.

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I’ve had more than one boyfriend at once and I loved it!!! Go for it!!!

As long as they don’t get jealous of each other, maybe it’s worth a try to see how it goes.
If you are up for it I mean. I don’t think I would do it myself though.

i kind of like a one on one special one but we’re all different in that way,

I am a one guy kind of gal, but that’s just me.

I wish I could have at least one girl, you got 2 boys whiwo like you.

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