He just yells at me

My father in law came over and yelled at me. Called me lazy, said the apartment was a ■■■■ hole( it wasn’t) then yelled at me to pick up dog poop and yelled again about apartment wasn’t good enough. Said Kay and I piss our money away. I have just 45 dollars left over out of mine. My partner paid them over 600 dollars out of her check this time. They stopped paying me to take care of the animals.

I’m still crying and all this happened last night. He never yells at my partner just me. Then my mother-in-law after Kay told her what he said claimed he never said that. She wasn’t there.

I want out of here but my partner says without her license or at least reliable transportation she can’t go to work and school.


Go live some where else u and ur partner deserve better life…!!! U guys shift from there…


School can wait. You need to get out of there. If they’re not paying you to take care of the animals, don’t take care of them. If they’re not taking care of them, call the police on them. Get the animals removed and in a safe environment. If you’re paying rent for an apartment, your father in law had no business invading your privacy and going in there. And if you’re giving them your check plus you partner is giving them $600, that’s a lot of ■■■■■■■ money.

You need out. Now.


Dude, you need to convince your partner that you’ll be better off somewhere else… I want you and your amphibians to be safe. It’s not good for you all to be in that environment. Is there public transportation that your partner can use somewhere else that she can use to get to and from work? Anything like that?


Always so straight forward. That’s why I like you. Anyway my mother in law said that it didn’t happen and I’m just making stuff up to cause problems. Even she said her husband was in a mood last night.

It’s like as long as he is good to people she cares about she doesn’t care what is said to me as long as I don’t tell my partner.

I just hate him. I don’t usually say that but I’m so sick of his ■■■■


(((((((hugs)))))))) you don’t deserve to be treated like this. What did your partner say when you told her what he did? Is she supporting you?


If you don’t love everyone equally, imo, you don’t love anyone. She has false love. These sound like bad negative people.

I told my case manager today, and my partner. My partner tried to explain to her parents that I have a permanent illness it will never go away (her exact words to her mom) there are days where I won’t can’t do anything and there are days where I can do everything. It has ups and downs.

But her mom just brushed it off. My case manager said something is very wrong with the relationship between us and my in-laws. They seem to treat me as inferior .

My case manager and therapist both said the same thing: that I am very intelligent and have a wonderful personality


They sound like horrible people. As someone else proposed, you should move out.

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I think, honestly, you should just keep your disability check in june, and just use it for a security deposit on your own place. Then, you can tell Kay that she is welcome to live with you or not. But it’s really unfair of her to expect you to just put up with constant abuse because she wants access to a car. She’s been saying she will get her license for over a year now. It’s obviously not going to happen any time soon. You need to protect yourself.


At this point, you need to get out of there with or without your partner.
It’s a matter of survival.


When can she get her license back? Why can’t you drive, @cbbrown?

She gets her license back July 7th I think but she has to take the driver test again and get really expensive insurance.

I get too anxious in the driver’s seat. I haven’t driven a car in 11 years.

Your father-in-law has a lot of nerve. Your in-laws overcharge you for rent, so it’s actually your in-laws who are pissing you and Kay’s money away.


I used to take a bus to work for 5 years while I lived in the board & care home… That meant getting myself up at 6:30 or 7:00 am, taking a shower, eating breakfast, walking 20 minutes to the bus stop and catching two buses for more than an hour to get to work. Than doing the reverse after working all day. Stuff like this is doable. But I seem to remember that you don’t live near a bus line?

The closest we got is the YMCA vans but they charge roughly 5 dollars a day and they stop running after 5pm. I get rides free to doctor appointments because of Medicaid

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My father in law came over to yell again but his wife believe it or not stuck up for me. A bit anyway she got him to change his mind about making me pick up dog poop in the dark.

Well it will get to a point where you will take your check and move to a peaceful place, most likely your partner will see it and do it too. Maybe time to “man up” and make that first move, scary, but worth it. Be good to you, I think she will follow and be happy for it too. just do it.

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