I'm having a very difficult time

I’m starting to think that some users on this forum are bots and not actual users.

It’s very difficult to shake this thought off, and I know that they are just trying to prove a theory or something, but I just keep thinking that they are a bot and not an actual human being.

Paranioa can be a cruel master and I get like that sometimes. I wonder why people say what they do but often it’s just my mind acting up. They aren’t saying anything personally to me even though I may think so.

Your pretty safe here. It’s moderated and we look after our own.

When I was psychotic. I felt the users were sort of robots or something.

It went away thank god.

Give it bit of time and it will go away.

There’s a particular user that I keep thinking that is a bot. I know that he’s a real person, but the delusion is there.

I’ve been pretty over the edge since I’m at the final stage of getting a diagnosis for my physical disability. It’s really difficult and now I’m having a flare-up of random symptoms. Hopefully it’ll die down soon.

Shoot. I sometimes think I’m a robot myself.

same. I sometimes feel like I’m just not even living.

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Good for you for recognizing the delusion!

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