I would just like to thank you all

For being here for me. I decided to listen to you guys instead of myself sort of. Because I could be delusional. So I’m deciding to listen to YOUR Feedback.


That’s good. It is so rare that you can break through someone’s delusions on this forum. The new medication might be helping some too.


Very good @flowers20 . I was delusional for years and the good folks on this forum helped me come to the slow realization that I was delusional so I could finally give up my delusion. It may happen for you too.


You’re very fortunate to have this forum, we all are, I had a delusion I dealt with for years and I had to come to grips with my delusion all by myself, and with the help of meds. I only joined this website this year.


i’m glad you are here too @flowers20 … it’s nice to have you here.
this forum is great huh…

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It’s so good to hear you are willing to consider another point of view. This is the beginning of getting better

Cheers to you :hugs:

it gets hard to trust yourself though,

if everybody is saying you’re delusional.
but some things, as of yet, can’t be proven.

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