I’m struggling

my delusions feel out of control tonight and i feel so stupid for even thinking about believing them. i’m fighting them so much but i’m exhausted. my partner is exhausted by me. i have therapy tomorrow but i don’t know how much of this i can keep handling

Sorry to hear I hope it gets easier eventually I know how difficult it is :frowning:

Don’t give up the fight

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thanks so much. how are you doing tonight?

I’m doing okay… Was just messaging a friend and they influenced me to join a gym. Pretty excited. Just need to find one now that I can afford.


Your delusions are not real. I know it’s hard to believe but hopefully with time you will realise that.

It’s the illness… It is very powerful sometimes

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that’s good! exercise is a helpful coping skill and makes me feel good from the endorphins. i hope you find one you can afford!


thank you mae :slight_smile:

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Thanks Flora I think I found one I just need to wait for my bank card to arrive in the post.

Wishing you well.

Hope you enjoy this sz forum lol. :relaxed:

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keep fighting @flora

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thank you. you too :heart:

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i’m glad!! thank you for the welcome! i wish you well too. :heart:

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