Im having a rough time....voices are back and they came for revenge

I know this probably does not come as a shock to you guys, But for me it is. I cant tell anyone in my family. Sorry guys I am writing not able to see the screen so go ahead and kindly post down below

Dont panic, take some anti anxiety pill and tell your family and go to your odoc as soon as possible and share us what you see if you are afraid of them, what meds do you have in home?

hi there im sorry the voices are back can you use a distraction? when i was very unwell i used to do long stich kits it helped me focus on the thing i was doing the kiddies one also have funny animals and stuff and you can give them to people hope they go away soon tcx

sorry about the voices, that sucks , but know some one cares.
take care

I could call your doctor. Like right now. It sucks that you feel that you cant tell your parents, I wont ask why but do tell the professionals. They will fix you up.

I’ve been there, done that. Calling the doctor is the way to go.

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tel ur parents hunni…they love u and only want to get u better. xxx