Im growing to like farmland

im starting to like rurual farm areas. they make me happy, growing the food and what not. as long as they have decent groceries nearby, i now prefer it. things are simpler, and life is slower. i used to live in the city and loved the city, but now through circumstance i find myself in the country and am pleasantly surprised by how much i like it.


I always thought living in the countryside is a lot of nonstop hard work

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i guess it can be a bit of work, but my workload hasn’t increased. it’s mostly the commute to jobs that gets me down. and the lower pay if you do find a job locally, but then again cost of living is lower.

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When my parents divorced I moved with my dad to our family’s homestead. It was way out in the sticks. The first night I got scared because of the yelping coyotes. But eventually I got used to it. It was fun to just walk in the woods. We had an old blue Toyota with no windows for hauling wood but I would put a helmet on and seatbelt and just run into trees and stuff. Ultimate redneck offroading.


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