I am joining a gym class

three times a week – no kidding. I hope and pray it works out for me well. I really love to workout, that’s why I am so anxious it should work.

also, I am overweight and out of shape.



Good on you. Im thinking of doing the same thing. A bit of advise to you would be to approach gyms and ask them if they have a trial offer. I know my brother does this and he gets a one day free pass to use the gym. This will help you make your mind up.

This sounds great judy, you may like going to the gym, a lot of people on here enjoy doing so. I have been watching what I eat more and keeping more active

hi karl and wave. I already paid for a course there for 5 weeks and I hope I can go to each and every class during this time. I am so eager beaver you h ave no idea. also, I want to eat fruits and veggies mostly and maybe i’ll lose some pounds and inches. who knows, you never can tell.


If you eat more fruits and vegetables, watch your food intake, and exercise you are most likely going to lose the weight. I am trying to do the same. All the best to you judy - Rob

become a competitive weightlifter LOL

That sounds good…

i hope you can keep it up, the worst thing for me was pressure and i hated putting pressure on myself so all i can say is that i hope there is no pressure on you to do this, a gym membership is a lot of money and i have wasted money on that before and stopped going but if you think that you can keep it up then i hope you can,

good luck x

Good luck. I think you made a good commitment. Maybe five weeks was a little too much, but I guess it forces you to go for a good period of time. It will probably be a good way to make more friends and it will do wonders for your anxiety. I have been skipping the gym lately because of the sedating effect of medication but would love to go back someday. Have fun!

Have fun Judy! You will love it!

I hope it works for you. I took weight training in community college. It was specifically for disabled people. In fact I took it for four quarters and got an "A’ in it each time. I was living in a Board & Care home at the time. Nobody there hated me but I wasn’t part of the cool crowd who hung out together and smoked cigarettes and did drugs. I was clean and sober. But a high point was when I got home from school one day and one of those guys noticed I had gotten bigger and begrudgingly said,“Wow, Nick’s arms are getting really big”. I’ll take that as a compliment.