I'm going to make you jealous

Just bought the ticket to see Radiohead live on July 8th :blush:

So happy :heart:


Nice! You succeeded.

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A concert? With people.


Saving hell for after I die, thanks.



Are you still going to Amsterdam?

I just bought a Lana Del Rey LP for the kiddie.

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Yes I am, on the 23rd of this month.


Yesss I will be diving in a crowd, taking benzos with me :slight_smile:

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I put a new stereo in my van. Bluetooth – links to my phone. I’ll listen to it there and join you in spirit.

Pix-o-ramic Sound.

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I will try to remember that when I’m there and send you some good concert vibes!

Oh man, have fun!

Concerts are not for me. I agree with Pixel on this one :smiley: .
Don’t bury me(in crowd) before I’m dead. XD
Jk. Have a wonderful time

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sounds like fun, my friend went to see the prodigy and i had a ticket but couldn’t go, she said it was amazing and i wish i was there, would have been epic, hope you enjoy your concert :slight_smile:

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Expect anonymous death threats in the mail!


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Now they’re not anonymous. Duh.
I expected better from you.

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I have concert tickets for April, I didn’t purchase them myself and therefor had no idea who to bring, this guy I know offered to go with me and when I told him it was a violinist (however unique) he said “I like violin…just remind me when you’re going” I’m dreading the crowds though…too many people.

I went to a Rammstein concert several years ago, and I feel like nothing will ever be able to top that experience. Those guys were something else. At one point Lindemann was riding around on a ‘■■■■■’ canon and ‘ejaculating’ bubble foam all over the audience. The best part was that I went with my mother, who doesn’t know anything about Rammstein and is more into like, Jimmy Buffett. She spent the whole concert sitting there looking stunned and bewildered.


Have a good time. Radiohead have produced some classics.

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I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a crowded loud rock concert.

Are you sure you have Schizophrenia/SZA? :smile:

Amazing - Really

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I remember one of my roommate’s friends saying this song always reminded her of the two of us, “she lives with a broken man” But I was like I didn’t used to do surgery and she said “I can tell you did something”. True. True.

I had an English teacher who asked me once why I acted like I flew a spaceship…I didn’t know what she meant and ended up having to answer the awkward question of “**** why did you call me a spaceship?” Oops. But she did introduce me to my basic knowledge of Shakespear and all that.

I’m sure! unfortunately… Wish I wasn’t.

But in all honesty if I could handle it before I can handle it now.

I went to two concerts already this year and I’m up to it. I’m really stable and going well.

I don’t like crowds but it’s Radiohead!