I want to go to a concert


A few days ago I noticed online that there is a concert for my favorite singer on 29 august.

So I told my cousin and she wanted to go. But no way is she spending £90
on a ticket. I however wanted the best seats. I said I’d go with the tickets she chooses as i wanted the company.

But today I called her up and
said either you come or I book and go with my mother, which to be honest
I don’t want to do as I wanted my cousins company. And I was feeling
like crying (not quite crying) and very restless and agitated. Because I
really desperately want to go to that concert. I’m finding it difficult
to wait as I already booked a day off from work. And I don’t want all
the seats to disappear.Also. I re-started my meds over a week ago
and have skipped two days already. Someone tell me there is nothing
wrong with going to a concert with your mother lol?


Sorry I don’t make much sense. Basically, I have not taken my meds for two days as I forgot and now i am restless can’t sit still.


Personally, I’d find it very hard to go to a concert and not completely freak out by the large crowd and loud noises. I love live music, and used to love going to concerts, but now it triggers my symptoms. Luckily, I’ve gotten to see my favorite band and singer (Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks) before I became ill.

As for your meds: do EVERYTHING possible to remember to take them! Even if you have to set 5 reminders or alarms on your phone or table clock lol.

Do you think you can handle the crowd and noise of a concert without it triggering you right now? I hope you can and get to enjoy it.




I’ve gone to several concerts with my mother or father or both


Before SZA hit me full blown, I went to a few concerts, this was during my teen years. I would love to go to a Cult concert now, but I know it is not possible for me - too many people, the crowds, noise, drugs floating around -I am somewhat satisfied watching youtube videos and dvd concerts


Back in my 20’s my mother used to drop me off at concerts + pick me up. I remember one concert when I couldn’t take the crowd. I spent the whole time looking out the glass door at the dead leaved blown in the wind. I made up a poem - I think I called it - The End of All Desolation.


I saw Aerosmith in concert in1993 when I was 32 years old with my friend who was exactly ten years rs younger then me AND his step-mom who was a about 46. We all had a good time and I didn’t think it was weird going with her. I didn’t even give it a second-thought. If you go to a concert chances are you will see people of varying ages. I seriously doubt that anyone cares who their standing or sitting next too at a concert.The focus is mainly on the band playing. My last concert was Sheryl Crow about three years ago. I was 50 years old. I went with my sisters who were 55 and 56 at the time. It was a great concert and no one gave us a second look. It didn’t even cross my mind that I was too old. I just wanted to hear, “If It makes You Happy”!!


I love that song, and almost everything she’s done. Plus, I think she’s beautiful. She’s also active in charities, which makes me admire her more.

I’m glad you got to see her live!




Yeah, I like just about everything she’s done too and I agree that she’s beautiful. She always has been. I’m glad she broke it off with Lance Armstrong. He’s a bad egg even though he is active in charities too. I’ve seen her twice.


I’ve never in my life been to a concert so I’m not going to miss out because of my cousin so I went and bought them. Going with my mum. I don’t care.
Lol. And I’ll have a good time too. It’s not too much of a crowd it’s only 1200 people.


You’ll love it. Who are you going to see?


My best friend is as old as my mom. We were on Iron Maiden concert. It was okay. When they turn off the lights you hardly see the other ppl. The hard part is leaving. But you can stay put until most crowd has pushed their way out of the doors.


He’s an Indian singer :smile:


I’ve seen a lot of act’s in small clubs like the Moore Theater and the Showbox…
But as far as huge stadium or monster outdoor concerts… never been to one and wow are they expensive.

Whit that sort of money I could go fishing with my Dad on a nice charter boat.


Yeah, concerts are ridiculously over-priced these days. In 1977 I saw Led Zeppelin perform in Oakland Coliseum with 48,000 other people. It cost $10.00.