Contradiction on disability forms?

I get the highest disbaility benefits (high rate for both PIP awards) (UK benefit) This disability benefit is over £600 4/weekly month.

One of the conditions for getting high rate mobility is that the majority of the time I’m unable to leave the house without support as it causes undue stress and anxiety, ie not able catch a bus alone at all. This is the case when I’m unwell because I have paranoia and anxiety so always have my support staff with me. I can get Confrontational with people when paranoid. This is way I was awarded high rate benefits.

Sometimes I’m in remission. I’m in remission now so if I were to go on holiday on my own without support would this be a contradiction in me needing benefits? If sometimes I can’t catch a bus alone but then travel to a strange country alone, navigating airports, budgeting my money. Could they see me as more able then is written down in my benefit forms and I may be liable for fraud as clearly I’m more able than I say as I’m able to go on holiday alone?

High rate PIP for both you have to be seriously disabled to get these in the U.K. I am when unwell.


If it were in the states it would absolutely be treated as fraud.

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Just update the PIP team I suppose, they will adjust your PIP award level if need be.

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I was able to be awarded both high rate PIP without a medical as its clear that I’m seriously disabled by SZA and I have lots of evidence. Get 24/7 support from care staff, etc. A large input from intellectual disability services. My community nurse things its okay for me to travel when well but I fear I will be committing fraud.

I have the option to go on holiday with my support staff for support but this is expensive. This way the Darpartment for work and Pensions (social security) won’t have a problem with me travelling.

If I went alone especially for 28 days to Sri Lanka in November (if covid is not bad) This could be used against me as they’ll say I’m more able then I said I was, - my staff said I was?

I could go to Israel on a tour holiday for 8 days in November instead but this is very expensive. Like £6000 including staff wages.

If I went alone this would cause me much worry that I might be breaking the law. Is it best to go with staff?

Yes. I think you should go with staff.

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If you can’t take a bus or go out without staff, how do you think you’d be able to navigate a foreign country?


I have mentally good months.

Could you take a friend to support you is this the same? Just in case your mental health becomes a bit less stable whilst there

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I could take a friend but all my friends are disabled too and also claim disability benefits. I could go with my sister but she has pets and only has 31 days work holiday a year and she’ll rather do her own thing. Only option is staff.

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But you don’t know when this months will end. And the stress of being in a new place with no help can easily trigger you.

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@LED This is true. I think my community nurse tells me he’s happy for me to go but then at the time he’ll say I’m too unwell to go and won’t release the funds to me, I have somebody look after my money as I don’t have capacity. I would end up wasting the money.

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Don’t worry about it. You are awarded disability based on how you are when disabled, not for when you are in remission. I think anyway.


I had a mandatory review after 7 years on my pip claim. Swore blind i had lost it - and blow me down i got a back payment for several hundred and got put on Enhanced pip.

Which seemed strange - cos all i basically put on most of the questions was “i dont go out”. But i did bundle in 6 months of clinic letters as well.

I swear its a bit of a postcode lottery with the thing - and whether the assessor was having a good day or not.

I mean - I DO go out when well - even down the bar. But i dont feel guilty, cos it makes up for the months i simply cant go outside when bonkers.

Yes that is what i was told by the teams.

The forms quite clearly state your responsibility to inform the dwp of any changes to your health.

I’ve seen news stories of a couple being stripped of their PIP for taking their bins out - for right or wrong (depends on exactly how they described their condition in the form and assessment).

I think if you are on highest mobility and you are able to leave the country alone, for a month, you seriously need to own up about that. If you don’t, who knows who else might report it.

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I agree with @SkinnyMe .

I’m dreading my PIP assessment next year. I’m doing better, but that’s due,to a large extent, to a fair amount of help and support.

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All your help and support needs are good testaments to the severity of your disabilities @firemonkey .

What is dwp? 1515

The department for work and pensions. The mobility component is for people who can’t manage something like 50 meters unaided.

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Now booked holiday with my care staff to Israel next year. It is expensive but I can’t afford to lose my benefits.