My named nurse has wrote me a disability benefits (PIP) letter

My supported living manager will write my daily living stuff and the support I need. I suffer from social anxiety, mainly about public transport and the thoughts I have about people/teenagers talking and laughing about me, public transport give me lots of anxiety. I have to get off the bus at the nearest stop because it becomes very overwhelming. I have been know to get lost when I get off.

I also had severe psychosis where I badly hurt myself cutting a microchip out. They have to monitor me closely as if I don’t go for depot I become unwell very quickly. I’m on a community treatment order because of this which I have to have injection . I got recalled in Nov 2018 for injection

what other things should I write in PIP forms.

This is letter named nurse wrote,

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I think the letter looks great! I’m sorry you suffer in the ways you do.

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@bobbilly That’s a great letter. It’s much more comprehensive than the letters I’ve had when being assessed for ESA and PIP.


Best of luck with it @bobbilly I hope this supporting evidence gets you PIP.


I have I’m going to be successful with being awarded PIP (disability benefit) I’m actually glad I’m having on as when its over that’ll be less worry.

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