I'm going quasi-minimalist, y'all!

I have decided to do a mass cleaning of all the crap I own. I am pretty embarrassed to say how many clothes I have donated over the past few weeks. From clothes I didn’t wear, to clothes that didn’t fit anymore. I counted roughly 20 trash bags that were 30 gallon bags, full of clothes. I donated what I could, and had to trash the rest that weren’t up to par. I have other things I’m going to go through and get rid of. The only thing I’m not going to go through is my knife collection, and most of my fishing gear. I may even go through the fishing gear slightly.

I have so much clutter and stuff in my room and around the house, I need to get rid of a lot of it. I’m going to buy a cd case for all of my dvd’s. I don’t know what I will do with the cases, but my movie collection takes up a massive part of my room, and I don’t personally care about keeping the boxes in tact. I’ll probably keep boxes for tv shows, as I don’t want all of the seasons getting mixed up.


I envy you. I’m a hoarder and my apartment is cluttered with crap everywhere.

Good going! :+1:


I have relatively few possessions myself. Just what occupies my room and a couple boxes in the basement. Some things I lost when I moved, some I lost in storage when other relatives moved, but many of my possessions I sold while psychotic :astonished:.

Anyway, point is I don’t have tons of possessions. If I were to move into my own house I wouldn’t know what to do with all that space. I have very little to store. Would have lots of empty closets and whatnot.


That’s great @Later_Gator ! I regularly get rid of things I don’t need and kind of live minimalist.

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