Anyone here a minimalist?

Was just wondering are you a minimalist or a maximalist and do you have any hobbies


Utilitarian in principle, but my complete lack of aesthetic sense is a glaring flaw.

I have many wants but they don’t translate to constructive hobbies well.


Hobbies are generally expensive in my experiences. My hobbies are cycling and I have a Nintendo switch.

Otherwise I live in reasonable housing and drive a Toyota Corolla.

Cycling I splurge on. But that’s cuz it helps tremendously with my mental health.


Somewhere in between. I live in a kind of average flat and have a couple of fancy items, other than that there is little of value. I bought a lot of furniture and clothes at the salvation army, and a few cheap items from IKEA.

I guess my main hobby is music, singing and playing guitar, although I don’t do it as often as I would like to.

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My in-laws have a philosophy “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.”

I think it’s funny. I don’t live that way.

I’m a minimalist for sure I guess it’s because I’m very picky but it’s cool :slight_smile:

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I suppose I am a moderatist haha. But really I am more minimalist than anything else. I like open spaces and clean surfaces. Clutter makes my brain feel bogged down. For hobbies? The simple things in life are often what make me happiest. Reading books, making art, watching videos online and spending time in nature.

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