I'm glad I don't have money

I would classify my old therapist group leader as one of the greedy people who steal from others. I really didn’t like her.

Important to have good footwear. My work boots are Blundstone – not cheap but very comfy in addition to meeting safety requirements. My walking around shoes are Rockport Walkers. Love 'em.


just spent nearly 1k on a notebook computer. I’m done with shopping, but this notebook computer will pay for itself with use


I bid on a old government truck on line, need it for work, will find out tuesday if I won the bid

The only bad thing about this particular notebook is it’s a consumer class computer. That means it’s meant to break down in a few year(planned breakdown by the company so you have to buy another one. Supposedly business class laptops are serviceable(that means if something stops functioning you can get it fixed. My next notebook computer in a few years will be business class kind

:blush: often that may be the way…

I wish I had money so I could buy life insurance policy, health insurance and save for a nice retirement home.

lol wish i had money so i could participate in life. A pension would be nice.


Fingers crossed for ya, bud.

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Manic shopping? I only have a debit card for that reason. I will never trust myself with a credit card.

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If you go on Amazon, there’s a sale on Russets. If you buy ten you qualify for free shipping & handling. But I strongly recommend reading the customer reviews first to see what people have to say about it. A million potatoes have been recalled by the factory because they discovered that the spuds have faulty wiring and can cause fires.

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