Just bought a bunch of crap online

I feel like I am coming down from a manic high except I am not bipolar and I wasn’t manic :slight_smile:

I have been needing some new stuff for awhile now. I have been wearing very old clothes and uncomfortable shoes etc for some time now.

Phew! I am done for awhile. To say the least! I am going through all my old stuff and preparing for a trip to the clothing bank. I got a back payment from SSDI and figured I’d replace a few things I either didn’t have at all or that I have owned for several years. Can’t wait to get my goodies! It will be nice to have a few new things.


Nice! I just placed an order for some GABA and Ashwagandha supplements.

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I just went bonkers buying socks. I walk several miles a day up and down hills carrying about 50 lbs on my back, and so I invested in a couple of pairs of hiking shoes and way more hiking socks than I need. They’re so cute! I love them! They snuggle my feet and keep them cushioned, dry, and unsmelly throughout the day!

But holy cow, it’s a lot of socks. My last batch is coming on Monday.


I bought socks from Amazon :slight_smile: Gotta love Prime! I also bought undies and jammies


I need clothes before fall, new jeans and hoodies and T shirts, will wait for a big payday.


Feels good to wear new clothes, doesn’t it? Wasn’t too long ago I was wearing clothes from the clothing bank. I am grateful I can buy new things.


I waste money of stuff I shouldn’t especially junk food. It’s a surprise that I’m not fat.

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I spend a shyt ton of money on Starbucks. It’s my vice. It’s my beer or my cigarettes. I have been drinking a mocha daily for 20+ years.

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You won’t believe how much money I waste on coffee. I probably spend 50$ a week on it.

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I need some summer dresses soon

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Wow! $50? You got me beat. I do spend about $30 though. Sometimes $40.
It is one of my life joys. We all have a right to value what we value. Coffee is high on the list for me. I really enjoy it :slight_smile: