Devices we choose to use for communication

what type of phone do you have to use for communication pay landline a cell phone a computer phone or some other type of phone also what kind of phone shape is it such as some home phones look like Mickey Mouse some cell phones look like Tiger Stripes

I hate the phone so much. I hardly used it. I have a cell phone that ONLY my family has the number too in case of emergency. Other then that… it’s a land line. People should still e-mail me to let me know ahead of time other wise, I won’t answer.

I have a Blackberry cell phone I use for calls, smses and whatsapp, as well as home videos and music. I also have a Nokia C1-01 I use for listening to music on the earphones when I’m cooking or walking. My husband also has a cell phone, basic Nokia just for calls and smses. He is reluctant to get a landline, as much as my mother encouraged me to.