I'm feeling like

people think I’m disgusting and gross and can’t stand to be around me. They are thinking: “Ugh, gross”, in their heads when they look at me. I sense this about my partner, people standing around me in Church, people I volunteer with, basically everybody who see’s me.

I take a bath once a week or more. I brush my teeth and hair every day. I’m just as clean as I ever was.

I think this has to do with my decrease in Seroquel down to 100 mg at night. (Down from 200 mg.) But I can’t go back up any more. I’m at the very most I can be on and still have a functioning GI tract.

Sorry to read that you are bumming. I’m not feeling too cheery myself.



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@Jayster, I’m not sad at all. My mood is euthymic according to online depression tests.

Sounds like mild paranoia creeping back in.


That’s how you feel, but it probably isn’t true.

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How exactly do they think you are gross? Is it something that can be corrected?

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Okay so I read this again. Nobody has said that you are gross? You just think they think you are. Sorry you are having paranoia.

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I think you’re saying “Don’t like me, don’t get close to me. Because I have been hurt in unknown ways and I’m likely to respond with unexpected hostility.” You just really don’t want to win any popularity contests right now and want to keep your distance. The repulsiveness ideas are just a story. That’s ok. It’s ok to want to protect yourself and others.

??? I don’t get it. 1515151515151515

Oh, I’m coming across like word salad. I don’t know how to say it any different except that I wish you well.

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