Im fed up of being treated like less of a human!

After a long time I thought I’d try this online dating thing. Thinking I was ready. The subject came up and obviously it’s hard for me to sound normal so I mentioned I’m having symptoms. I did say I’m looking for something serious. I did say I feel hurt when some people think I’m looking for something not so serious.

He started trying to talk about it. I said I feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say. Couldn’t let my guard down and feel I want to talk about it.

So I said we’re looking for two different things. He asked what I wanted and I said I’m fed up of guys thinking I’m after casual relationships. I said maybe I live in a different era. So he said “ I see. “ And that’s all I heard. I don’t think I’ll hear another word. So I know what he was looking for. He didn’t deny it.

When I first mentioned mood episodes he said do I get … you know honey…

No!!! I am not going to be used like that. I have more respect for myself :rage:


Lots of those online. I just politely decline and ignore them.

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Don’t let that jackass ruin it for you.

Keep going,

Dating is hard.

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I know but the hurtful part? All are like that! All that wanted anything to do with me.

Everyone wants a young girl. I would stay away from tinder and try a paid dating site. Mostly serious people when they have to pay, lol.

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What are you looking for?

Describe the man you are hoping to find.

I am a paid member. On a few sites.

I don’t know if you use match? I got mostly serious offers from there. Lots of single fathers type…

A man who isn’t afraid to wash dishes in the kitchen, a man with a clean heart and respect , respect for his parents cos if he has that then I know how he’s gonna treat mine.

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I used that before but maybe in different countries. I’m on a matrimonial site and it’s really not that great an experience.

Are you opposed to dating someone who’s been married before,

Possibly someone up to ten years older?

Cause that is where you are probably going to find him.

It’s hard coz most of them are “experienced” and don’t want someone like me. Or may be I found the wrong ones.

Do you mean sexually?

I don’t understand.

Yes. I mean That. Maybe the problem is I’ve restricted myself too. I should consider dating outside the “race”


You gotta cast the net wide, then get picky.

I suggest someone a little older, they tend to be a little less sex obsessed, at the very least more quality over quantity.

Someone who’s been married will likely be a little more mature,

But someone who is recently divorced is probably petty messed up, looking for sex and someone to bad mouth their ex with.

That is just an observation of mine, maybe it works, maybe not.

Just keep getting out there, its a numbers game @anon80629714

Don’t let these jerks make you feel bad, your’re a ■■■■■■■ queen.


lol I think I shouldn’t have revealed my illness but the problem is I can sound “crazy” as I do on here. I hear people saying get well before you look but I might never reach that level of wellness where I seem normal. So I can’t put my life to a standstill.

normal is what normal dose. nothing…we are what we are. schizophrenia flawed. not what ever.

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You don’t have to tell anyone anything you don’t want to.

Sure we all sound crazy sometimes, so do perfectly sane people all the time.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Disclosing your mental illness is totally up to you,

I was a couple years into my relationship with my husband before I told him about my diagnosis,

And it was even longer before he really knew the extent of it.

Sure, he wasn’t surprised, but the point is, we went at my pace.

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met my husband 10 years ago on

I revealed Schiz as soon as i had to, not get into too many lies
you can skirt round it for a bit
3rd date i think


Do you know the worst thing I realised he was taking me for a mug and making fun out of me. It is hurtful. I had it with Indian men.