Im dying inside

I was just on a chat roomwhere they took sinsere interst in actually what id been through only to realise the hell id been through I am alone my boyfriend has gone away for a few days I feel like drinking I cannot cope imand empty pit of dismal what now now I get it now iknow why schizophrenics top themselves.

Hey hang in there.

I used to feel as though I was dying inside. Today I really don’t anymore. I mean I do have my days now and then when I’m in pain but I know it will always pass and get better. I get the desire to drink away my pain and discomfort as well and used to do a lot of that. But what I tell myself is that though a few drinks may numb the pain, a few drinks have never been enough and the pain always ends up coming back two fold while in a drunken stupor…and a drunken stupor infused with deep seated emotional pain is never, ever good.

Really hang in there, none of these feelings are ever permanent.


mussel I have a fridge magnet with a saying fromwithnail and I on it its says I feel like a pig shat in my head to remind myself of what a hangover feels like. thanks I just feel doomed and haunted really strange. thanks again tc

c’mon dandy. chin up. if i can stay alive, so can u. i know u feel bad right now but this time will pass i promise. b good to urself. always here if u need a chat. much love, jayne xxx

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Though I am male, I can identify with your problem. The local beer store was closed this weekend, so I couldn’t drink, not that I should.

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thankyou jane and crimby im ok now just got flashbacks to a lot of my stuff and why I react the way I do why I am afraid ofpeople . went to asda today if I can get through that I can get through anything LOL

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