I'm drinking Muscle Milk, it is a protein powder shake

I am finally more hydrated…because the muscle milk enables me to drink more. The reason why I am dehydrated is because my stomach isn’t funchaning(spelling) correctly. My stomach even feels a lot different compared to, when I had now problems…when I was younger. My stomach fells like it is dead. It just doesn’t feel like it is normal.

The muscle milk makes me drink more, becasuse when I drink it…it doesn’t make my stomach feel sick.

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Muscle milk is very high in things that put on weight. Are you trying to put on weight?

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no, I’m not trying put on weight.

i use isoflex protein powder after i weight lift. Then i just eat protein for 3 days after. It helps

Muscle Milk is delicious!

I drink Gold Standard whey. It’s 120 calories and 24 grams of protein. It doesn’t make you gain weight

I eat protein bars daily instead of breakfast.

How is it Possible to Gather Muscles From Liquid Designed For Babies?.

Baby Cows to Be Exact @Jake.

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