Trying to cut back on the milk

In fact I don’t keep fresh milk in the house anymore. Just powdered. Taking my coffee black. I do put powdered milk in my tea though


Why cut back on milk? Too fattening?

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Why? Are you worried about weight gain? Lactose intolerant?

I think 1% tastes pretty good.


I need to cut back on the chips and the chocolate.

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@Bowens @agent101g yeah it’s for weight loss reasons. Money too. We only have a convenience store in the village.

When I go and buy milk I end up buying food I don’t need. Sucker for snacks!


Eat something before you go shopping. If you go shopping while you’re hungry you’re more likely to buy extras.


lol dude i had a monster today im a sucker for snacks too. every time i go out i go to the gas station get energy drinks chips and candy. no wonder im gaining so much weight haha

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