I'm done with online dating sites and online boyfriends

I’m done with it, I’m tired of the kind of people I talk to on there and my online boyfriend pretty much ignores me so might as well just cut him off and move on I feel bad in a way but if he’s not interested and just wants to treat me like this, is it really worth losing sleep over? I don’t think so… He could be a good guy but I deserve someone that’ll talk to me… My therapist has begged me to give up the online dating sites such as POF and guys in general I guess I’m finally ready to do it… Here’s hoping I don’t go back to it


I am the same now.

I will never go back to online dating.

I hated it so much.

Yeah, I’ve never had any luck with online dating. I even made a profile on NoLongerLonely, sent out a bunch of emails, and got zero replies.

I’m sorry that you’re feeling bad.

I think these sites keep profiles up that are not active to fool people into thinking they have lots of people to speak to. I had the same thing.


Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me to be honest.

I’ve sort of committed myself to being single nowadays.

I’m not bitter or angry or anything like that. It’s just really hard to date with schizophrenia.

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I agree completely.

I am actually pretty happy being single. It makes life a bit easier and you can do what you like.


Right on!

I’m also happy being single. I lead a good life, and I have plenty of time for hobbies and interests.


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