I'm about to give up on online dating

Recently I read an article that online dating really isn’t skewed towards the favor of men, and by God is that true!

I mean I just don’t understand what these women want on there.

  1. Not sending them a dick pic. Check!
  2. Update cute photos. Check!
  3. Mention in my profile how I’m sensitive, granola, and can actually communicate my emotions. Check! (I’m being a little facetious with this point, hopefully you can tell).

I’ve learned the hard way that online dating is just a huge cesspool. Most of the women on there are kinda trash in my opinion. I mean they come across as too picky or mean spirited on their profiles.

And when someone messages them they just ■■■■■■■ ignore them!

What a load of shite!


The problem with online dating for men is that there’s usually WAY more men on the site than there is women. There’s way more competition for us dudes.

Also if you’re under 6 feet tall, 99% of the women on these dating sites won’t respond to you or give you a chance.

I’ve given up on online dating. I very rarely got any messages back. It’s frustrating as fu*k.

You’re a good guy Monte, you’ll eventually find a woman. I hope i do too



It never has been. If you’re old enough to remember dating agencies then you’ll remember that men paid and women didn’t. It’s been skewed forever.

(((hugs))) man, I know it’s tough. You deserve someone.


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@ozymandias and @TheCanuk

Thanks guys!

I just get frustrated because I pretty much know that whenever I send a message I’m not going to get a response.

I mean, if the mouse isn’t rewarded his piece of cheese he’s not going to climb through the maze, right?


I know how you feel @Montezuma .

About two weeks ago I deleted the 4 apps I was on and I have no intention to download them ever again

Most profiles are dormant I think

And your right, there are some pretty vile people on those

Just windowshopping!


Why are you still in that stupid maze? Any opportunities in your area to volunteer for a couple days a week and interact with others? The ladies you meet volunteering will be the compassionate sort who care about people even when they’re not perfect. Find one, get a conversation going, and take her out for a cuppa.

You got this, meng!


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Yes, you have a really good point sir.

I can always volunteer for Catholic Charities, or I’m sure there’s plenty of other good organizations too. (CC just happens to be around the corner from my apartment).

Great advice mane!


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@Bowens is it okay if I get this thread locked?

I was in a shitty mood when I made it.

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