I'm doing well and am working online

I am compliant and am doing well. I work online and am thinking of doing medical translation and writing. I have been working off and on for the past 5 years. Now, I work remotely teaching. I really enjoy it. I believe, I am doing well because of my response to my medication. I take it daily these days. Before, each time I went off my medications, I went to the hospital. So, now, I take my medication daily.

I noticed someone here is doing translating from Korean to English! Very good!! I know another language too and do minor medical translations but have never done it as my main work yet. Now, I am thinking about doing medical translation and writing. I have a background in the medical field so am familiar with the medical terminology. I also passed a language proficiency test at the most advanced level although I still have a lot to learn in my new language.

Overall, I am getting by somehow. I like teaching and like my job. I feel great these days. I am happy that life is good now. I was miserable before because I was really stressed out and not doing what I want. I am now doing what I like and getting paid for it.

I came to this forum to get support and to support others. I used to be on this site a lot but now there are so many forums online. I’m glad to be back!


Welcome back! You seem to be really content with house your life is going. That’s awesome.


Welcome back!!! It sounds like you’re doing so well. That’s awesome!!!


I have been looking for other ways to earn money. It has not been easy. I work odd hours to accommodate my student’s schedules. I would like to be a content writer but need to gain experience in it. I also want to polish my writing. I like writing although I am not too good at it yet. I tried doing medical translation without a CAT tool. That was dumb!! I know most medical translators use CAT tools so for me to do without one was a dumb idea. I am thinking of buying one then apply for translation jobs. First, I need to know how to use the CAT tool so it is not as if it will be easy to use one without training.

I am also looking into a writing program online. I hope to polish my writing. I write rather poorly. But, I am interested in writing well so I am motivated.

On a tangent, I did not sleep three nights ago because I was looking into writing programs online. I did take my medication each night, but my head feels groggy still. I have an appointment tomorrow with my doc. It is always the same ritual of him asking me how I’m doing then my replying that I’m ok- here’s your script, see you in two months. I think he is a good doctor although I find him aloof and distant. I’m doing well compared to before. I have no complaints to him. I have no symptoms.

I will continue with my routine of work, sleep, and some exercise. I should eat a healthier diet. These days I’ve been skipping eating daily. I sometimes get by just drinking coffee and eating some chocolate, then eating big the next day. It is not healthy. I am lazy because I am getting sick of shopping bulk at stores for food. I like variety in my life. Before, I was eating the same type of foods weekly but was becoming bored with it. So, I now eat out occasionally, Here, most places are open so there is not any problem with dining in restaurants.

In a nutshell, I am doing ok but am, at times, bored with my routine. So, I try to change things even if it is minor.

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That sounds good. What are you teaching? I’ve taught English online in the past although I’m doing it less these days. There are loads of jobs teaching students mostly in Asia but also in Europe. I could give you some links to some schools if anyone is interested.

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Thanks so much for the good news post and keeping us up to date, greatly appreciated. Glad you are doing well.


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I teach English and medical terminology. About half of my students are healthcare professionals. I like teaching. My best student is an IT programmer though and wants to work for Google here. I feel satisfied about teaching when my students do well. Teaching is not too hard. But, sometimes, I feel as if it is more entertainment than serious teaching. My company places much importance on student feedback. They told me to smile more and be more appealing to the students as if I were a flight attendant. So, I wonder if my teaching skills are really good at times or is it my smile? All I know is that I’m getting paid so I just do what the company suggests. It does not harm me to smile and cater to the egos of my students, but at times, I just want to laugh about it all.


Thank you!! Yes, I’m doing well now, but a few years earlier I was not. I finally got a handle on being compliant. Without my taking my medication, nothing is possible. So, I have been faithfully taking my medication daily. I feel better overall. Thank goodness for the Abilify’s effectiveness. I feel a whole lot better now and am doing more because of it.


So, I thought about returning to grad school. However, the field I was interested in is too competitive and the cost is too high. The school wants about 66,000 dollars a year in tuition alone. I think at my age, I’m better off just enhancing what I have, not re-inventing the wheel. So, that is what I’m going to do. I will try to use the CAT tool on a trial basis to see if it is worth it, then purchase it to do work. Life is ok and manageable. But, I have to be careful, not to get manic or psychotic. I shall remain on my medication.

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I am working today also. I have to wake up early each morning to teach. Then, I work late at night. I like teaching so it is ok. I do much prep work for my lessons and do not get paid for this though. I like my job but want to do more if I can. Hence, I am looking into doing translation work. I will see if I can use the soft app for the CAT tool first before buying it. I am also considering taking a writing course. We shall see.


So, I’m thinking of going to grad school again but in a less competitive field. It might work out!! I am thinking of becoming a writer. I write terribly though, in my opinion, but this is the reason I want to go to school to write. I will look into it. I thought about translation but am not too interested in using a soft app to do it. It seems like cheating?!! I’m odd but think the translation apps will one day be able to translate most languages. I want to do something which humans can do, not a machine. So, I’m going to look into writing. I signed up for a free writing course online. I will start from here.


I started the writing course. It seems doable and interesting. I’m glad I signed up for it. I like writing since I like to vent my emotions in words. It is as if a lead weight is lifted off my chest when I write. I have no talent for writing though but will work on it. Writing is cathartic and gives me a sense of accomplishment. My mother wants me to write fiction, however, I am not too interested in it. I want to write about my personal experiences and also to convey information/ advice to others. So, we shall see. I don’t think I will make too much money from writing. I will write for my enjoyment and see how far I can go by working on it. I really want to go to grad school for writing. I hope I can get into a program. I will apply and see what happens.


Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK @ciaociao1 … I some days wish i could be a teacher, but then I have no idea what I would teach since I dont have much knowledge to share other than computer stuff.


I did one week’s worth of the writing course. It is quite interesting! I am learning a lot. I will try to do some more of it on the weekend. I am tired these days though. I feel exhausted although I don’t do much. I wonder what it is? I feel fine otherwise. I have no symptoms, just exhaustion. I’m happy overall. My students come and go. My schedule always fluctuates. I don’t mind. Such is life!

I’m looking into grad programs and am hoping to apply this summer for the fall. I hope I get into the program I want. It is for writing but geared towards a specific field. I have a science background and want to use it. I hope it works out. I still have to talk to my family about it though and see what they say. I want to work and attend online school.

I work six days a week. It is tiring. I work part-time but manage to support myself on my meager earnings. It is hard. I wish I could just do what I like. But, I face the music and do what I have to do to survive.


So, I started the second week of the course, and it is hard!! I thought it would be easier but my brain is in a fog. I worked most of the day so I will try again to do the course tomorrow. I was thinking writing can’t be this hard! Well, it is!

I am reading books on how to improve my writing. They are pedantic but useful. I’m learning a lot from them. I should have learned how to write well in college. I did not. I just took the perfunctory course in writing. I excelled at it but did not learn much.


That’s great! You are so motivated!

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So, this writing course is hard. It could be a barometer for my future interest in writing. For now, I will tackle the challenge. I was getting a headache editing the excerpts. I hope to finish the course.

If I don’t write, I really don’t have any other interest now. I used to enjoy listening to music. I got tired of listening to the same music though. I was walking for exercise and can resume this activity. I also like cooking but not for myself. I really want to write well. Writing is fun, but good writing is a discipline. My mother wants me to become a creative writer. I have no interest in doing such writing. I want to write based on facts. It is a skill that one develops through hard work and practice. I did translation work but don’t like it. It is boring and laborious.

I used to waste my time writing others. I got nothing out of it. I met many scammers and was “catfished” several times. Some people have made scamming into a big business. I find it sad for those who are victims of “catfishing”. I almost became a victim myself but have no money. Luckily, I had nothing to offer. So, the scammers stopped bothering me.

Now, my interest is in writing. I will do my best to hone my writing skills. I write rather poorly. I have a lot to learn. I will keep learning to write well. I’m hoping the grad program I’m interested in accepts me. I have not applied yet but will this summer. I will learn as much as possible from my writing course first. Then, I will think about going to grad school for writing. My brother says that artificial intelligence (A.I.) will be used to write for the media and other areas in the future. He does not think it is worthwhile to pursue writing. I understand. I just want to pursue writing for my own enjoyment.

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I did the second quiz and got a hundred percent. My answers were corrected by a computer. I’m learning a lot though and am happy. I signed up for another free course too. I like free courses. However, they are difficult. I am using these courses as a barometer of my future performance in grad school. I am motivated to learn still. I have many deficits in my education. I dropped out of high school when I was a teenager but studied for the GED then went to community college. I am a life-long student now. I love learning. My brother went to high school and college. He brags that he received a good education. But, he does not study now. He thinks about taking the easy way out. I am self-taught mostly - developed my own way of studying. Some people think education is only academic; it is not. I learned more about life from my experiences than going to school. I’m a better student since I learned from books and on my own. I developed my style of test-taking too. I perform well on multiple-choice exams. But, I want to write well, not just be a proficient text-taker.

My brother says writing well reveals how one thinks. If you can’t think clearly, your writing will reflect this. I agree. My mind is obfuscated by voices at times. I can’t think- let alone think clearly. I want to write logically and effectively. I have to be patient and practice a lot.

My brother thinks I’m wasting my time writing. He thinks A.I. will be used to write papers and articles. Translation software uses A.I. I don’t like translating papers and articles. But, the software can do this to some extent. I talked to one of my students who went to America. She can not understand what people are saying but is using a software app to translate and interpret for her. The app works! Who needs interpreters/ translators when a software app can do these tasks? May be, I’m wasting my time learning how to write.

I have science and medical degrees. I have not been able to use them for jobs yet. I’m hoping to reverse this. I became sick while doing these degrees. I was too sick before to work. Now, I can work but not at a demanding job. So, I want to write for a living. Writing is hard too if done well.

I know of people who write fiction. They love writing. They write all kinds of essays, stories, and books. I admire them. I wish I had their creativity. All I have are motivation and discipline. So, we shall see.

I’m working most of the week. I feel lethargic. I sleep, eat, and work a little. It is a routine I adapted to survive. I want to do more with my life. I’m old and want to fade away. But, I must survive so I have to work. I earn a pittance. I could be angry but feel grateful for my existence.

I used to be homeless and sleep on benches. I met others like myself who were down and out on their luck. I met druggies, prostitutes, abused women, pimps, and scammers. I was blessed to have gotten out with nothing but the clothes on my back. I feel bad sometimes about my situation, how I have gone to- the valleys of the shadow of death-returning alive but incoherent. Why is this my fate?

So, I don’t complain. I feel grateful. I wish there was a money tree. I work, slave away to eat and survive. I could be angry. I’m too tired though. What the heck! Such a life, wasted by illness, destroyed by insanity, and enfeebled with age now. Yes, I could be mad and curse God.

Oh well, I’m resigned to my fate. I accept my life. What else can I do?

I’m working daily and feeling ok. I want to do my courses when I feel motivated. Deadlines to finish the weekly homework and quizzes are nearing. I have about five hours of work to do by next Monday. I don’t know why I signed up for two courses when I work daily. I did though.

I’m not as angry today. I ate out and feel quite good for going out and breathing some fresh air. When I’m cooped up inside my apartment, my head starts imagining things that don’t exist.

So far, I’m still a cog in a wheel, nothing special or almighty. This is good. When I think I’m endowed with special powers, then I become obsessed with such ideas, rather unhealthy. I am ok still. I feel ordinary and anonymous.

Modesty is a virtue? I am not modest but mundane. Boring to the hilt, I feel blah and bleh continually-Blah: nothing matters; Bleh: who cares? I don’t seek excitement anymore. I’m older and calmer.

Back to the grindstone, work awaits- I pause for a moment from my routine. I imagine a better life of doing interesting endeavors.

My wasted youth frustrates me. Older, I surrender to my fate. Cog in a wheel, I am insignificant. BUT, I tread on, motivated by hunger to live and be the best that I can be. I relish my minor triumphs- plagued by insanity; I have overcome the unimaginable. I am a warrior in the minefield of cacophony, delusions, and paranoia. Aged and worn-down, I continually fight until my demise. The war is won when it is over and R.I.P.

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