I'm doing well and am working online

I did my third-week quiz and got a100 percent again. I am learning a lot. I did my quiz last night. I have so much to learn. I am ignorant. I will always be a student.

Today, I have to work morning and night again. I am bored at times. Life is ok- ho hum at its best.

I will try to do some more coursework tomorrow. I have a new course I have not started yet.

I cut back on my work hours to focus on coursework. I’d like to go to grad school soon. I need to pace myself to see if it is feasible. I will work part-time while doing an online program. It will be mostly writing. We shall see!

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I looked at my current writing assignment and felt overwhelmed. I have to re-write an excerpt. I will think about it. I started my other course and have too much to finish by Monday.

I’m going to attend an online open house for the grad school that I’m interested in applying. I am hoping to ask questions if they allow me. It is tonight.

I worked this morning again. Waking up and being present online is in itself half the task. Teaching is the other half. I do like teaching.

I am tired most of the time. I don’t do much though. Working online is not that hard. But, my schedule is difficult.

I will see how the open house goes tonight. I hope to be informed and excited afterwards.

I have much to do but feel apathetic. I force myself to finish my tasks. I don’t want to wake up early each morning. But, I need to eat and survive. I can’t qualify for disability so I don’t have any other option but to work. Life sucks at times. I’m on my own minding my business and working. I wish I could just do what interests me. I need money though to pursue my interests. It is a vicious circle of working and pursuing my interests versus not working and not surviving. I sometimes hate this daily routine. Yet, I hold on and try to hang in there.

“Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy.” -President Barack Obama

I keep this quote in mind.

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”-President Barack Obama

I keep this quote in my heart.

I hope to make progress- continue working and pursuing my goals.

I am grateful despite my failures and setbacks. I have come a long way. I was destitute once. I always keep this in mind to remind myself how far I’ve come.

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I started the new course and got an eighty percent on the first quiz. Most of it is new to me. I find the material informative but boring. I have a headache now. I need to finish re-writing the excerpt for the writing course.

I am not sure if I will apply to grad school. I would like to apply but don’t know if it is cost-effective. I just want to work as a freelancer. The whole cost for the program is about 35,000 dollars, not cheap.

I have much to learn. I find most of the writing programs to be useless for jobs. I have to think about this. I don’t want to take out loans for a useless degree.

I will take a break and do some chores now.

Tomorrow, I work again- bleh!!