Bond’s Casino Royale

A thread all about school and work endeavors.

My main goal is to get back to Phlebotomy and not get derailed by medicine changes. So I will need to pay off student loans in order to return. Today, I applied for like five jobs online. This other job I have in mind is building homes, I just need to apply in person.


At the moment I work as an analyst for a marketing firm. It pays well and it’s a pretty creative job. I can listen to music all day, wear casual clothes and smoke pretty much when I want too.

All I do is manipulate data in spreadsheets and work on new business proposals. I find it really interesting.

I have done building work in the past. I enjoyed that too but I opted for an office role as I was self-employed and couldn’t rely on my pay to support myself.

Good luck with the search @Bond


Best of luck with the search @bond. You are undertaking, what is for most of us, a most difficult challenge and should feel proud of yourself for doing so.


That sounds like an interesting job for sure. I was wondering, did you need a degree or certificate to get your foot in the door? It doesn’t sound like your run of the mill office position. Good on you!

And thanks @FadeToBlack, I’ll need it.

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Thanks @Unclehenry. I find it is my job to inspire others, regardless of who we are. It’s more about what we’re becoming. Positivity goes a long ways.

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Happy Easter Everyone!!! :partying_face: :hugs: :innocent:

I have a degree but I started working there packing envelopes, and worked my way up to what I do now. I was only a temp when I started there. I have moved jobs four times within the same company.


Well if all goes to plan, I will have a job as a server at a retirement home by the end of the day.

My plan to get to and from work is an e-scooter. It just came in the mail. I went on a little test drive and it handles nicely, pretty fast too.

Things are falling into place.

Work is going great. I’m going on my second week. They say it’s the most fast-paced job on campus. I’m doing pretty well. My trainer said I kick ass! :smiley:

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Well done on being able to hold down a job. If you can do it for 2 weeks then you’re probably set. :sunny:

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Thanks @everhopeful, if I can do it, anyone can. Commute is honestly the toughest part, on a scooter. It’s less overwhelming without traffic, which is why I like the early mornings and late nights. It is kinda fun though!

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You wear a helmet I hope?

I had a moped and had someone not see me when it was raining and they pulled out in front of me causing me to wreck. Ripped my jeans up and roughed me up pretty good but helmet helped me out.

You never know if people are paying attention to you so I suggest getting a helmet.


Thanks for your concern, @brandotron. I do wear a helmet when I ride the scooter.

SO my week has been easily a 10. I am riding my bike to work, since it’s been rainy as usual in these parts. My scooter is a fair weather ride.

I’m loving my job, and done with training. My trainer said once this other guy leaves I’ll be the top guy. Awesome!

I figure school is in my 5 year plan, since I have a bunch of student loans to pay off. And to foot the bill, a dui charge. Luckily no jail! Routine excercise will be in my one year plan. I miss high endurance and strength sometimes. But my job keeps me pretty active. It is the most fast paced job on campus. Not that bad! :grinning:

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Just an update. I talked to the IT guys at work and they’re on board with me shadowing them once I get good with my current job. I’m excited!

I’m studying for IT stuff when I get the chance.

Have a great day y’all!


That’s astounding news. The futures so bright you gotta wear shades :sunglasses:. (To quote the song).

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Wow what a COOL song! I hadn’t heard that one before, thanks for sharing. I’m doin’ alright, I got good grades. :cowboy_hat_face:

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So today wasn’t the best. I noticed my medicine wearing off early, I’ve been experiencing symptoms like apathy and fatigue and I had to leave work because it was so overwhelming and I felt so unwell. So I need the Abilify injection every 3 weeks now. I talked to the on call doctor at Inpatient Mental Health and this is what she recommended.

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Today is a lot better. I got another dose of medicine, and I’m back at work. Hooray!

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Today I had leave work again early because I felt unwell. I got a higher dose of Abilify, 880mg.

I feel better already and ready to go back into work tomorrow. Just wish one shot was enough. It’s a hassle tracking down my doctor to have another shot authorized in time before it wears off. For some reason he is against giving it every 3 weeks. But I got my paliperidone 3 weeks instead of every 4. Idk I suppose transitioning in psychiatrists is part of the struggle.