Poll: Can you work?


Hello, I had opened a thread about how many of you have lack of motivation or not. Now I just want to see how many of you can work, to know if it’s my fault that I can’t work or it is the medicines. So, how many of you can work, and if you like, you can write about what kind of work you can do.

  • I can work
  • I cannot work


I work but only casual hours


I used to work, but no longer can


@Wave how it is that you could work and now you can’t? I could never work and I can’t now either, although I desperately want to become indepedent. Is it something that changed your mood, is it your medicines that you can’t, or is it something else you think?


Hi Rose - I havent worked in years now.
I used to be able to work, but my illness got worse and the stress got to me, I could no longer work.
I can no longer tolerate stress - work is stressful - even small tasks become mountains!


That’s exactly how I’ ve felt for years, now, Wave. As a friend of mine wrote somewhere, (he has a severe physical illness) we struggle with very important things, and we can’t face simple, everyday things like having a simple job or some even shower themselves! I don’t know what to do, I wish I had never been born since I would have to face this illness!


Hang in there Rose - But you are right, this illness does suck big time!
Your situation may improve - you never know.
All I do know is that the meds keep me functioning - without them I would certainly be Hospitalized for a long time


I agree, Wave, is just that I want my indepedency and all my life I have been stable, I have had both positive and negative symptoms up to a level that I can take care of myself, but not work. But I can’t live this way anymore, I want to have a life with all it includes, so, I keep searching for solutions if there are any. :confused: Thanks for your help though!!


I have to force myself to do this. It works as a distraction for me. I don’t really work for the money, I just do it to give me something else to think about other than myself, as I find when I have nothing to focus on I am just left with the symptoms. It has is downfall though as it makes me so tired I do little else but lay in bed or go on my laptop for the rest of the time. I am not sure how much longer I can carry on, but I will try as hard as I can to kept it together and keep winging it.


I can’t because technologically unemployed, but work is for peasants anyway


Do any of you talk about your lack of ability to hold a job down to your therapists or pdocs? If you have what do they say?


maybe i can, idk for sure, if i do it will be a hard thing for me,

was thinking of collecting trolleys through supported permitted work,

i need to be cautious though, i dont want to get my benefits money stopped

its going to be therapeutic anyway


maybe you can get some help and support, there must be something you can do, cut some hours or something, i was only ever going to do what i felt comfortable with, it would be flexible bc i wouldnt want it to make me feel worse, suited to me needs.


I haven’t talked to my therapist about it, I will talk about it tomorrow.


I think you’re right. Do you think I should let HR know? I told my manager off the record and my mum knows who got me the job. It’s just at the moment I am making mistakes all the time and having to check my own work over and over to make sure its done right. The other thing is I have trouble dealing with the people and we have misunderstandings about very basic things sometimes that really bothers me.


Please keep me updated if you wouldn’t mind. I’ve been thinking of talking about it in more depth with my pdoc


if you have stresses and strains in the work place i think you should talk to someone about it, maybe you can get through this with some help, maybe you just need a little extra support to help you deal with it.


I voted “cannot work” as I would need a host of factors to come into play- (a) would need to be near home (b) would need to be non competitive and pressurised © require little initiative (d) require little or no manual/practical skills. (e) minimal social interaction skills.


I can’t work because of extremely poor sleep, I feel poor motivation and little desire to interact with people at the level most work requires. It can even seem painful at times. I can’t remember the years since poor sleep commenced they seem a gray expanse stretching into the past. I do know that nearly all work requires at least some attention, the clarity of which seems to decline for me.


I work but it sucks to have a badass manager who keeps imposing his desicions.
I would not mind working more hours but with a better manager.