I'm doing a sexual interpretation of every word I speak

It’s giving me a headache. Any ideas on how to stop it?

Perhaps try eating a banana?

Oh dear! Something tells me that wasn’t very helpful!


Is this some sort of joke?

We’re sexual beings. So would presume to get sex off the mind have some sex.

No…chordy is usually serious.

It’s not on my mind until the words are already out. Anyway, I not in a situation to have sex. There’s not enough muscle in my voice to overcome it.

Funny, to think sex all the time, I do not know, but sounds funny.

Sex is more fun with two or more people, but you can do it alone. :blush:

Dreamscape, I’m old and have a headache. I’m probably afraid to touch myself - might have gotten soft.

Pretty much anything and everything can be construed to have some sexual relevance.

Just try to forget about sex and forgive that your mind is doing that.

Gradually through discouragement and lack of expectation it might be easier to control/accept.

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