I'm depressed and in debt

This is what happened to me with my last dog. He was a lab/hound mix at least 100 pounds, and stood up to my knees on all four. He hated this other black dog in the complex. I didn’t know that dog was being walked at the same time I took him for a typical walk, he pulled out of his collar and attacked the dog, took me and two of the maintenance men in the complex to break him free. We had to get rid of him because of complex rules. Plus he was going blind and this wasn’t his first aggression attack. It was a traumatic day for me and is why I haven’t went ahead with the plan of offering to walk neighbors dogs.

I could start making crafts or paintings. A lot of people do freelance art stuff now. Kickstarter etc. I haven’t been hanging out much in town, so it’s not really the people in this town, it’s the other town.

It would be easier to find a job in NYC, but also harder to survive and afford housing. The only thing is I think NYC could really boost an art career. I just think it’d be too overwhelming for me. I’d be away from home, my dad prob would not support the decision because of who I would be moving with.

I don’t like to think about all my student loans for the masters degree I got but can’t find a good job. But I need to.

I pray you find peace. My son is on disability. He had such different dreams. He finished college. He is on ssi. I know he gets depressed. I am in debt from paying for medical care. I wish I could do more for him. If I was rich I would help mentally ill people have dreams come true.
It’s hard to do special things on a fixed income. Mentally ill want special things too I can see the depression. I think society is ignorant of it. Fight the depression I will pray for you