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I'm confused what do I do


I tried to smash the mirror on the wall with my head and then I lay on the floor screaming and my parents called an ambulance but it isn’t coming.
I wished it would have smashed.


I would get back on AP’s @Jesspresso.
Please try to remain calm.


You sound like you’re in mental pain.
Ambulance will be there soon.


What happened? Why did you try that?


Do you feel suicidal? Why did you want to smash the mirror? The ambulance will get there soon.


Stay calm. Wait for the ambulance.


@everhopeful @Pianogal @zeno @kindness @Wave

Thank you for commenting, we cancelled the ambulance as they were really busy anyway and sitting in the emergency department for 10+ hours would have made me feel worse.

I’m seeing my GP this afternoon but I really don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t trust my mental health team, they don’t do anything besides tricking me into thinking I’m getting better.


I understand the frustration with your mental health team simply telling you you are fine. That doesn’t work. My pdoc started doing that to me so I switched Drs. The new one listened but she’s a temporary fill-in for the one I’ll start seeing regularly. Telling you you’re fine doesn’t make the problems go away. Do you feel like the crisis is over? Do you still feel like smashing the mirror? Or has that passed for now?


you dont want to cut your head on the glass bc it would leave a scar :frowning: and it could have been noticable


Sorry @Jesspresso i hope things go well at the GP. I would like to be able to tell you something that would comfort you or ease your suffering, but all i can really do is be here if you ever feel like doing something like that again. You take care, and i hope things do get noticeably better and the treatment team starts to listen more. Here’s :hugs: for you, hope it makes a difference.


@Kos I think you meant @Jesspresso


I did @Pianogal and i am so sorry @Jesspresso, its a reason not an excuse, i am on a no sleep binge right now. Again, i am so sorry.


@Kos no need to apologize. I was just giving you a heads up so you could edit your post to say her name so she can read your kind words :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pianogal i still feel bad about it because i don’t want her to think that i don’t care about her, it was a silly mistake but it could still have hurt her feeling. You are a kind person as well, so supportive of everyone.


Don’t worry @Kos you did not hurt my feelings. It’s an easy mistake to make


Thanks!!! That’s so sweet!


Sorry you’re not feeling well @Jesspresso. Talk to your doctor about what was on your mind when this happened. Maybe he/she can come up with a way to deal with things when you feel frustrated or whatever it is you’re feeling at these times. Sometimes just talking or venting, or an activity can take a person out of self destructive behavior. You can always come on here if things are getting to you. Good luck at the doctor’s.