)) Happiness ((


If You Don’t Mind Me Asking, What Helps You Within the Sphere of Feeling Happy When Restless, Down, Lost, Helpless, Sad, Depressed, “Unusual”, “Strange”, and Such as Such and So on (???).

To Put it Simply, When You Don’t Feel Happy,

What Helps, YOU, Personally, Feel the Emotional Rainbow of Happiness (???).

Not Skittles…,

Not THAT Rainbow…,


The Rainbow of Hope, Love, and or Peace…,

Thanx in Advance for Your Response (!!!).,



Me Personally?.,


Yep!., Yap!., Yup!., Yas!., Uh Huh (!!!)… . …

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To me, happiness is when my actions or words cause someone else to smile.


A long walk in the woods


Going to da gym with a buddy!!

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[Shakes magic 8 ball]

(Tell me something good!)

“Try asking again later.”


I don’t know.

You can only ask yourself those questions to find out.

“God dwells in thick darkness.”

Otherwise music helps some days.

Every other day I’m trying not to curse the world…


Guys and or Gals Yuu Are Naught HelpingG (!!!).

Imma Ran|| Outta MusiK (!!!)…,

Help (!), Mee3 (!!!)… . …

I Wonder…,

Can One Fynde a Pandora’s Box FilleD Wit MusicK in Da Wood’z (???)… . …

Is Da Magic 8 Ball Demonology (???)…,

mmMMm A Giant Snake That Eats itself (!!!)… . …

Note 2 Selve #0.1) What if. What if Radio D.j.'s. What if Radio D.j.'s Were Actually Aliens?. Like, it’s So Out in the Open. So Obvious. No One Ever Suspected it?. Hmm. What if Radio Stations Are From Planets Outside of Our Solar System (???). I Am S0 Confused ((!!!).

@sleepoptimistic are you on any meds ??

Why Dew Yuu Axe (???)… . …

No reason. Just asking.


No Reason?.

Then Where Does Question Arise FromM (???).

Forgive me if I sound rude, but the way your typing and your thought processing seems as if you’re not on any meds.

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Creative and or Original Offensive Perhaps (???).

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The Question Remains Dear Sir or Lady… . …

I redact my question. It was rude of me to ask that.

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Your Last Remark Was a Statement… . …