Im back on my meds

I got back on olanzapine. Sucks that you get fat and sleep too much, but hopefully my new doctor will give me something better that doesn’t have those negative side effects.

I stopped because I haven’t had a psychosis event for 7 months…but the I realized it was because of my meds lol.

I’m a genius.


At least you realized what was causing the recovery a lot of people don’t understand that meds work

It’s a very common thing for people to do. Glad you back on the meds and olanzapine is a great drug for me. We are all different which is the problem. Work with your doc and try things for sure for better function.

Been there, done that, have some dimples on my arse from getting tackled and shot up with Haldol. Took me a while to learn not to mess with my meds. Glad you’re getting back on track.


I’m on a low dose of zyprexa myself.

The weight gain and sleepiness suck, but it beats the hell out of psychosis.


I’ve been on my long acting shot for nearly 3 decades and I’ve never missed an appointment but besides of this I’ve been using antipsychotic pills all the way through my adult life. Some day’s I took more peral meds othet times less. I’ve just grown tired at missing with the pills so now I’m on a stable dose of Seroquel 900 mgs.

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That’s encouraging. I have heard a few stories where people have a problem with the actually injection. My nurse just told me at my last injection that people can get lumps in their muscle from the shot but I’m doing OK. I’ve been getting shots for about a year and a half now.

That’s great nick. The depot is a good protection from getting hit by madness. So just continue the good work.

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