I'm at my limit

so much going on just now i am struggling to keep up with it, there is a few things bringing me down that i dont want, its very annoying :frowning: just feel like i’ve got too much on just now.

what about you?



Are you ok hun? You want to talk about it?

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its just a few things that is annoying me, i am trying to save my mum money on her phone and signed her up to this monthly contract but she made a mistake with the email address so i need to sort that out, i bought a printer and its being an absolute nightmare to connect and i still havent managed to connect it yet, i got a dr appt on the 6th and i need to sort out a bill that i’ve been charged for but cancelled, my insurance is due for my car and i’m dreading that, i have the job coming up and i need to send them an email which i am worried about and i need to find time for my mums dog, one of my friends is annoying me as well. :confused:


I’d probably be in hospital if I had to deal with all of that at once.

Oh wow that’s a lot. It makes sense your a bit overwhelmed, especially with all those things with money. You’ll be ok though I promise! Just take it one step at a time hun! Everything sounds fixable and that’s a good thing!

If you can try to make a little time for yourself today just do something you enjoy if you can!

You got this! I’m here for you if you need anything ok?

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Maybe take your mum’s dog for a walk. The fresh air may help clear your head.


i’m just totally drained, didn’t get much sleep last night either :confused:

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1.buy a calander you can write in the squares.
2. priorotize on the calander, write due dates, deadlines(auto insurance payment is a priotity, next is the job thing(income), 3rd clear up charge at dr office etc…

I am certain you already know the drill. Lol

steady, one foot infront of the other

Plan your work
and work your plan
for failing to plan
is planning to fail

Being an adult sux, cant we just go eat candy and live out our days at an amusement park?


thanks @macy

i recently bought a pocket size diary planner book and i started writing in it, it feels good to check things off of the list, i had about 7 things on it today, a couple are still pending but its a weight off, you are right,

i’m going to do this more now as i will be doing more with my Job and things


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