Gotta get caught up on some things on monday

Bills, filling out forms for medicare, checking my account and get my phone screen repaired. It’s not that much to do but I’ve been putting it off for a bout a week. And oh yeah, there is some information my health insurance company needs to so a couple claims can be filed. Kind agitated and sketched out by that last one.

I should let my local social security office know I’ve moved out. Just to be sure it’s all on the books.

These are some things that have been on my mind for a while. Other than that everything is AOK.

Anyone else occasionally have things like this start piling up?

(Bookmarking this so I can reference it later)

Motivation is a hard thing to come by when nearly everything involves dealing with people, which for me means symptoms.

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yes i do and i hate it, things like phoning up my internet provider and mobile phone provider about a better deal and taking things back to the shop, also selling things that i dont need :confused: this is a big thing for me and my stuff is piling up to sell, i could have sold more but i had nowhere to store it (it was my friend sweeps bureau) she had to pay someone to take it away which pissed me off bc they charged her for taking it when they would have made a profit from it.

i had to also switch over addresses recently as well and it was a pain, and i am supposed to be getting a new kitchen and bathroom so been phoning about that, also i recently got my recyclying bins i had been phoning for but i still need my food bins.

lots of stuff that kind of hang around the neck like a noose lol, so i know where you are coming from, it can drag you down and sometimes we need some help with it, i had a housing officer for support with moving and she helped with bills too and got me a great discount on my energy bills,

dont be afraid to ask for help, i accept any and all help if it is available and needed :slight_smile:

I don’t know man the lack of motivation is the big part. I’ve got all the time in the world.


Yep, I’ll have to extend my driver’s license, get pictures taken for that, arrange registration for university and meet with a councellor over there. Been putting these off for a while as well, will be doing the driver-license stuff on monday.

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I did go ahead and finally do my dishes tonight. They had been sitting in there for weeks. Some mold had accumulated. The silverware was the worst. it had mold stuck in its ridges. Decided to through the set away.

Got to make sure I don’t let them pile up like that again. Just use one dish and keep it clean.

Feels a lot better knowing I dont have that semi-stinking sign of laziness filling up my sink.

Reminds me I was going to clean the toilet too. Going to do laundry tomorrow. Hate this summer ■■■■■■■■, I lay in bed sweating all night. Pillows have yellowed, the sheet I’ve been using stinks.

Can’t wait for winter. Pile up the blankets and sleep all night. Getting out of bed sucks, but it aint as bad as sweating all day.

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Gross. Get a window A/C unit.

That;s what it is… After a good resting period it started working again.

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