Any posters here that cant keep up with all the stuff they have to do?

Today I vacumed the house, did two loads of laundry, walked the Dog, put away dinner and have to clean the pots and pans, mailed a letter, watched a basketball game, brushed the pool and cleaned the filter.

I slept from 530am until 530pm but when I got up I have so much to and never have been caught up with it.


There is very little I have to do, and I procrastinate about everything. I really don’t do much of anything.

I walk the dog. Do dinner. That’s about it. Tidying the house…no. Most of the time my husband does it. He likes to do it. We take turns on vaccuming, we have a dog and a cat. We should vaccume twice a week. Atleast! But we do it once a week.

I take care of the car. My husband takes care of the apartment. Fair deal. I hate having a dirty car.

I have a lot of stuff to do… but I’m behind…

I go to work… I can do that…

I keep up with the yard work…

I’m a little behind on the school work…

the house work… I need help…

I can keep up with the day to day stuff I find the routine of that relaxing. It’s school that is overwhelming me this semester. I’m carrying 12credits. I have to study a whole lot more this time to make it stick, like 5-6 hours for every class hour. And I’m working 18 hours a week in clinical at the hospital. Plus there is this extra online course we have to do for 8 weeks in preparation for the state boards, it’s pass-fail toward our school grade, so added pressure there and a lot of time and energy spent reviewing material I should already known but have forgotten.

I can’t multitask to save my life, and it’s also hard for me to focus. Then I also get anxiety over random crap, which leads to like these mental avoidance mind tricks my brain does to itself.

If there is something important I need to do, it becomes the thing of the day, and it’s my only goal.

Most of the time I don’t even shower.

I’m not currently on meds, though. Hopefully things will become easier once I find the right med for me.

I lived alone for 6 years in a nice studio apartment, from 2009-2016. All the tenants were either senior citizens or other disabled people, but since all of us disabled people were older too, no one really knew who was disabled and who wasn’t. But it was living independently.

So that meant keeping my apartment spotless by vacuuming, keeping the kitchen clean and doing the dishes every day, keeping my small bathroom spotless by regulary cleaning the toilet, shower and sink and keeping all my belongings in their right place. It also meant shopping and cooking for myself, making and keeping all my own appointments. It meant managing my money by making a written budget and paying all my bills. It meant getting myself up and going to work each day.

Now, I am living semi-independently in a boarding house. They have a cook who comes in and cooks everybody three meals a day. So that eliminated shopping and cooking for myself. I live in a small room that I have to share with another guy, all I’m required to do is empty a wastebasket a couple of times a week, and occasionally sweep and mop the floor which takes about 5 minutes. So a lot of responsibility is taken from me which is good.

I still work and drive my car and manage all my own money and make and keep appointments but life is a little less stressful now than when I was living on my own and it’s little easier to stay on top of things.

Yeah I get overwhelmed with emotion by all the things I have to do sometimes, so I will just stop everything and isolate myself for awhile and take a break.

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