Im at a grocery storw

Anxiety in progress


You made it outside !!!

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Deep breaths.
It’s okay to get scared or anxious. Try not to panic that you’re having those feelings.
Deep breaths.

When I’m at the grocery store I immerse so much in the products and their prices that often I forget about the people… :slight_smile:


Listen to your music and try to remember that people are too busy with their own lives to be judging you.


And yet, it is still probably more comfortable than the apartment and last nights hallucinations?

I would get outta there for a little while too. This probably a not a bad thing for you? You seemed to need a break away from your apartment lastnight.

Hope all goes well.

This is a goid distraction technique if we are being bothered to smithrines by our MI. I use this this.

MI can be very intrusive occuping our lives and time and emotion for days a nd months on end, if we dont try to stop it.

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I’m anxious at Grocery store especially when it’s crowded. Last time I went felt everyone could read my mind but tried to appear busy.

Wore my headphones.actuslly tslked to someone.not so bad.


I used to just take in and enjoy the environment, now its in n out as fast as possible.

I’ve started bringing headphones to the grocery store and pretend my life is a music video when it gets overwhelming.


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