Please help, a little nervous going to grocery warehouse

Had people give me a hard time today about my intrusive thoughts thinking I’m immoral don’t know how to defend myself
have to go grocery shopping today, afraid of people

I go to the smaller stores here, get in fast and out fast


But must go to bigger store unfortunately, thanks though

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Maybe you could put on some sunglasses and headphones. This is like my armor when I go outside. Also go equipped with a list so you’re not overwhelmed trying to navigate the store and remembering where to go.


don’t have headphones should l get beats or too ostentatious

You’re just paying for the name. There are better headphones for the price.

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I treat times like this as if I’m in a war zone, and I’m on a mission. I reward myself when I complete the mission

just get a good pair that will last. don’t get earphones though.

Order it online.


I’m the same way. I’m afraid of grocery shopping bc of people. I don’t think I have intrusive thoughts though.

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