I'm Angry, and Going Depressed


Here is the only place where I can lash out my emotional anger, and you guys understand me the most, we understand each other…I’m so angry and sad :cry:

No one wants to help me, when I really need help I don’t really find it, people become so cruel and ignorant !!!
I needed a little help and all I asked for is a professional opinion or some options that might help me with my research…this is depressing, all my emails are simply IGNORED !

Ignoring me is worse than giving me a negative response, I wish if they only replied and said anything like " hey stupid, we don’t give a damn shi* to what you say or have" but they simply acted as if I’m not there.


Don’t let your rejected anger turn on you because that’s what depression is all about. I used to write letters to my doctors. I never got one answer. They tend to think they’re on the top of Mt. Olympus and look down on us. Doctors aren’t really good at interaction with people. Remember Dr. Strangelove? I only remember the name - it kinda stuck with me.


i send tonnes of e mails out for work, i think i sent 200 over two weeks once, no answers.
it is very disheartening when people do not reply and it can get to you, and get you down, but you just have to not take it personally.
sorry you are feeling down.
take care


Its going to be ok, people are too busy as usual with their own lives, things will get better for you :sunny:


@darksith @chordy @Wave thank you so much, I really wish for things to become better, I just feel so down at this moment of desperation :frowning: