Anger at my depression

I get depressed, fairly deeply, about 2-3 times a week. I have great difficulty getting out of bed on my days off from work, to the point that I get suicidal as I lie in bed. I have profound anxiety about twice a week when things do not go well or when I get pushed. I am fed up. This life with schizophrenia is not happy.

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I feel similarly and wish i had advice but im not managing it well either

It took me a long time and many pills till I got on top of my depression. That wasn’t an easy time of my life but I got through and found something that worked well. Modern psychiatry can be hit or miss but it’s worth trying things to get improvement. I’d be talking to your doctor and maybe trying something else to help.

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Thanks, rogueone.

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I have anger at my negative symptoms. I stay in bed all day everyday. Sometimes I want to explode. My brain is useless. My pdr said there is no meds for negative symptoms.

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But you have a choice to force yourself to do all needed things. Suppose you are in a jail or mental hospital. They will force you to do all the needed ones whether you like it or not. Same way you can force yourself. Its true you had pleasure in doing so before sz but now you can do it without pleasure.


I feel your pain.

Recently - about from August last year I felt like this, and literally I have been able to come out of it this last week.

It took a lot of perseverance with doctors and care team to fix this with a med combo.

I also had to quit my job and do something else as it was too much in the end.

Just do what you can to get some treatment options, and please stay safe and don’t give up.

We care about you and I wish there was something I could do to help you get through this

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