Please forgive me if I don’t understand your answers, my English is not good, I also can’t concentrate so much because of the illness, my life is a disaster.

Since I was a little kid I 've seen very bad people, I always had to face bad people. My problem showed up when I was a child and I ‘ve been facing peoples’ bad face of racism since then.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t stand life anymore, but I am afraid to die, I see people around me that are happy and I 'm the only one that has so much dissapointment of life and people that I can’t stand it anymore.

I 'm seeing a psychiatrist but he does not help me what can I do? He also does psychotherapy. I still have many symptoms and those ideas that I just explained you. Please, help.

Hi Redrose,

Welcome to our forums. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. Your English seems very good - thats not a problem at all.

If your psychiatrist is not helping you - have you considered trying to find a new one? Have you described to your doctor what the problems are that you’re having? Psychotherapy can be very helpful to people - perhaps try it out with your psychiatrist if you have not yet.

I’m sure other people here will have good ideas. You can always count on good responses from many of our members here.

I hope things get better. Are you in the USA, or another country?


I kind of feel the same way
I feel like schiz is restricting my life
Psychotherapy might help give it a go

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Hello Admin,
Thanks for your answer. The truth is that not only now is that I am having a bad time, but all of my life. I see other people that are happy or at least healthy and that they are totally uninterested in what I am going through, that I hate people. My whole life is full of bad behaviours of others against me and other weak people. I hate humanity. When I was young I thought that the animals loved me but now I don’t. I think nobody loves me. And I can’t love either. I suffer too much. I haven’t explained my doctor exactly the situation, but I 'm trying to hide my feelings because he is a racist too, but he knows his job well. All the other doctors I used to visit couldn’t help me either. So I can’t find a new one. I don’t live in USA.

Hi, sorry to hear that, but I am glad you understand me. Opposite feelings. When I do psychotherapy, my doctor can’t relax my feelings, all he does is blaming me for everything, he doesn’ t know what I 've been through and when I tell him that people are bad, he can’t help me either. Whenever I say that I have problems everyone tells me “everyone has problems”. But I am not everyone and my problem isn’t like the problems of others, and in the end I don’t deserve it. I am not the one who blames weak people.

What meds are you taking and long been on them


I 'm taking 7 mg of Risperdone and 5 mg Haloperidol substances. No other medicine works for me, not even these two. I don’t know what to do, I can’t concentrate on a conversation, I have voices, ideas that I can’t always tell if they are real or not. I am alone for many years meaning that I don’t have a boyfriend, nobody loves me and all I see in people is meanness.

Yes I have no boyfriend and no friends go out with
Listen… Have you thought of antidepressant? Going on antidepressant could help you feel more positive.

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Thanks, I 've tried anti-depressant, but even the least job the anti-psychotic medicine do, it gets over by the anti-depressants, meaning I can’t take anti-depressant, because I tell everyone my psychotic ideas. At least now I am keeping them for myself. Anti-depressants work for me though. Although I always have something to worry about, my illness.

At least death is fair, it’s for all.

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Do u get any care in the community meaning support from nurses psychologists etc

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Dear shellys12,
I see that only you are interested so much about me and thanks! I don’t get support. Here in my country the situation is not ideal for a diagnosed person. I would say the worst. Noone is interested, not even the doctors, although they seem to get interested.

Do you have any family?
I have my parents live near by but they are 74
When I came out of hospital last I got 3 or 4 nurses, social workers helped me but now as u say they don’t provide that
I don’t know how to help u or make suggestion because I have struggles with this schiz despite me do all the right things
I do lots of walking, I do volunteer work and I study degree at college. These things help but I not back at college till February

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Dear shellys12,
Thank you so much for your interest and I 'm really sorry that you αre passing through a difficult time, too. I wish you the best. I have a family, but instead of making me better, they make me worse. I can’t waste any more time to explain them that they harm me, because they will do the same again. People don’t change. Please don’t try to help me anymore. I don’t want to bring you to a difficult situation, I know that you suffer too and I can’t help you from far away, so I understand that you can’t help me either. I wish you the best and thank you so much for your help, I hope that our doctors will help us, I 'll try to tell him everything! People are so mean in my country, I don’t know about other countries, so are the doctors too, why differ?!

Um - the anti-depressant - why is it you can’t take them?

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Try getting a pet. When I was 16 years old, depressed and suicidal, I decided to make a change. I got myself a dog. That dog kept me alive for the next 10 years. If I was to die, who would take care of him? Nobody.

And all the love a dog gives you is endless. No matter what you look like, how you speak, hear voices etc, the dog will always love you if you treat it right. It will comfort you when you are sad and sleep next to you if you are scared.

I did not have an easy childhood either. I thought my dad would kill me. He tried to crush my scull once with his bare hands. Tried to strangle my brother. I ended up delusional, hearing voices when I was 15. I had the devil following me. I was going to kill my dad. He doesn’t know how close he was to take his last breath. But I got a chance to move away from him and I escaped.

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Because it acts competively with the antipsychotic drugs, so when I take them the sz gets worse,

Hi, sorry to hear about your childhood, my dad didn’t want to kill me but I faced bullying at school, never received love from anyone and generally saw my life and see it now as a nightmare!
Getting a pet is not a solution 'cos they die and also I am not ready to give love to a pet and take care of it. I can’t even look after myself!

my eyes are a bit sore just now, but just want to say that i am thinking about you just now and praying that you can overcome this some how,

i am diagnosed 12 years now 5 of which i’ve been recovering well on a really good med, i recently added a new drug to my menu and its made it even better, so i have my anti-psychotic and now my anti-anxiety med and they are both working well,

i wish this for you too, i am going to college just now part time, volunteering and moving in to my own flat soon, so trying to live independently and move up in the world lol,

i pray that you can start to have a really good recovery, enjoying life and helping others as well as just yourself,

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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A lot of people take both an antipsychotic + an antidepressant. Maybe you haven’t tried the right one. A right antidepressant can change the way you look at things.